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about 50 years.

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Q: How long has hydroelectric power been around?
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How long will hydroelectric power last?

hydro electric power has been believed to have said that it lasts for around 50-70 years

Is hydroelectric power sustainable?

As long as you have rain, yes.

How long will it take for hydroelectric energy will become reality?

Too long. Damns built will most all double as hydroelectric power plants. But there could never be enough power from hydroelectric to make it a soloution.Fusion power will become a reality long before this. Which isn't too far off anyways. 2012 look up the ITER facility in Switzerland.

How long has wind power been around for?

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What type of energy is hydroelectric?

This is renewable energy, it uses water to push the turbine that powers the generator that makes electricity, so as long as there is water there will be Hydroelectric power. :)

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What are some natural renewable resources?

Hydroelectric power. Wind power. Solar power. Trees. Even Oil over the very long haul may be renewable.

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