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How long has raymon sterio been wrestling?

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I believe you mean Rey Mysterio

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How long has the rock been wrestling?

he has been wrestling for 49 years

How long has john cena been wrestling for?

John cena has been wrestling for 14 years

How long has Triple H been in wrestling?

Triple H has been in wrestling since March 1992.

How long has wwes ted debiosity been wrestling?

He made his pro wrestling debut in July 2006, so he has been wrestling in 5 years.

How long John Cena wrestling?

John Cena has been wrestling 10 years

How long has John Cena been wrestling?

@WWE Hunter Wrong he started wrestling in UPW in 1999 and then went to OVW and then wwe. So he has been wrestling for 16 years

Who was the founder of wrestling?

You would have to be more specific as to what type of wrestling (or which federation) you are asking about. Wrestling in general has been around for centuries. Professional Wrestling has been organized since the early 20th century, long before the WWF.

How long has rey mysterio been wrestling?

he has been wrestling for a long time since he was 16 or 17Actually, Rey Mysterio has been wrestling since he was 12. According to wikipedia he now is 34 so do the math. He first wrestled in a Mexican wrestling corporation called AAA. I'm not sure what AAA stands for so.

How long has Triple H been playing for?

He started wrestling in mid 1994..

How long has Kurt Angle been in wrestling?

Kurt Angle has been in WWE since 1998 to 2006 he is now in TNA

What movie and television projects has Butch Long been in?

Butch Long has: Played Himself (1994-1998) in "World Wide Wrestling" in 1975. Played Butch Long in "WWF Superstars of Wrestling" in 1984. Played Butch Long in "World Championship Wrestling" in 1985. Played Butch Long in "WXO" in 2000. Played Grandpa in "Inbred Rednecks" in 2001.

How long has Randy Orton been wrestling?

senc1996 . Yes, he started wrestling in 1996 but he wasn't on the TV until April 2005, where his first match was against 'Hardcore Holly'

How long has Jeff hardy wrestled?

He's been wrestling since junior high; professionally since 1998.

How far does wrestling go back?

About as long as Mr. McMahons Been alive. Meening about 5000 Years or so

How long can your hair be in wrestling?

It could be how long you want it to

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