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Q: How long has the game Clash of Clans been out?
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How long do you have to pull a gem box on Clash of Clans?

18hours to the less

How long for make clash of clash?

Clash of Clans is free, but features vivid graphics and addictive gameplay took 6 months start to finish.

How long would it take to save 300 gems in Clash of Clans?

A month

How do you get more clan members on Clash of Clans?

Merge with our with our clan. Long Lost Souls

Do you like Clash of Clans?

Yes alot. I play it almost all day long. I just love to attack villages and gain the loot plus trophies. My favourite character is golem. He is a tank.

Do you keep your progress if you delete Clash of Clans and re download it?

yes as long as you have gamecenter your village will be saved to your gamecenter account. make sure u r logged in to gamecenter after you re- download it and it will be saved

Why is Graystripe from warrior cats outside clans?

That is becaues he was captured by twolegs(humans) and was away from the clans for a long time. He then came back to the clans later on.

How long has Call of Duty been on the game?

u mean how long has call of duty been a game ? if u do since 2003

What accessories does the game naruto clash of ninja revolution 3 need?

Nothing,as long as you have a wii,wii remote and nunchuck or classic controller,or gamecube controller.

How long ago was clans?

250 years ago

How long has the game of shadow puppetry been played?

The game of shadow puppetry has been played for over 2000 years.

How long has the game Roblox been out for?

sence 2008

How long does it take to upgrade town hall to legal ten in Clash of Clans?

Alot of factors come in to play with this question. Depends on how much you raid, and how good your layout is, and how well you plan your upgrades, and if you choose to buy more builders (almost required to get 4+ if you even want to see TH10). In short I'd said around a year if you play a decent amount.

Who and why chose to score tennis in 15-30-40-GAME and not 1-2-3-GAME?

Why do we score 15-30-40 game?=This is because for as long as the game has been played, this is how it's been.=

Why did Iroquois tribe use longhouses?

Iroquois tribes lived in longhouses for homes. Thay used to seprate their tribe into clans each clan gets one long house. (clans are groups)

How long did the clash of the titans last?

2 and a 1/2 hours

How long is the new Clash of the Titans?

about 2 1/2 hours

How long has Kevin clash done Elmo's voice?

since 1984

How long has the organization XIII been a group?

since the game came out.

What is the best IOS game in history?

Tetris is the best game ever it has been in earth for so long :P

How long does it take for the pain to subside from a clash of heads?

It depends on the severity of the impact.

Who was the first cat in star-clan from the four clans answered by Erin Hunter?

I don't know because that was a LONG LONG time ago.

How long have game boards been around?

Board games have been around for millions of years (BC years)

How long has Zelda Wii been in development?

In December 2006, Game Informer stated that "a new Legend of Zelda game has been in development for a year". So the answer is Late 2005.

Is Game Maker safe?

Yes, I've been using Game Maker for a long time and it's 100% safe.