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How long have trains been around for?

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Just about 200 years. The first working trains were built in the 1820's,

first American ones in 1830's.

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How long have trains been around?

A very long time lol

How long have steem trains been around?

steam trains have been around in one form or another since the early 1800's but the definitive design features were established in the 1830s and were basically followed since.

When was the model train invented?

People have been making models of trains for almost as long as trains have been made.

Name three types of modern freight train?

Freight trains have been around for a long time, but the modern trains we have today can do much more. Unfortanutly, I do not have the answer, but good luck on your report.

Trains Of Today?

Steam toys have been around for quite a long time. When parents think of steam toys, they usually think of trains. These are the most popular toys that have steam. Trains can be very elaborate in how the tracks are arranged and in the design of the trains themselves. Trains are more realistic today than they were years ago. Water is poured into the train to make steam as it rolls around the track in the home. Trains are appropriate for boys and girls to play with.

Although trains were invented long ago what kept them from being really efficient?

Even though trains had been around awhile, they could not run efficiently on poor quality tracks. Their tracks were too brittle.

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My choo-choo train is around 3 inchs long, however large trains can reach up to one mile in length.

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== == The very first trains were designed around 1825. Then in 1829 people were allowed to ride trains. Diesel and electric trains were invented somewhere around the 1950's. The maglev dates back to 1930. Trains were invented around 1825. People were allowed to ride the trains in 1829. Maglev trains date back to 1930. Diesel and electric trains were invented in the 1950's.

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