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NOLO legal books cover this kind of stuff ... at the library


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A delinquency usually refers to an account with late payments. The late payments report on the account for 7 years.

A lender can only foreclose if the payments are in default. They don't care where the money comes from as long as it keeps being paid on time.

The person/company that sold the car wants their money. They don't care who pays it, as long as it gets paid. Condolences for the loss of your husband, but you get to keep the car as long as you keep making payments.

If the bills were overdue and you are making payments as the result of being 'dunned,' and the bills are not yet paid in full, it will reflect on your credit report.

The remaining payments are usually rolled into your new car loan. The dealership cannot transfer the title into their name without the vehicle loan being paid off.

Returns aren't payments. They are forms reporting the financial affairs for the entire year of the person filing. The payment of the money - the tax - has already been done by payroll withholding or estimated quarterly payments he year being this case in 2008, while the return is filed in 2009. If the amount paid in through 2008 was too high a refund is sent (which may also include types of benefit payments for the poor). If not enough was paid in, the extra is paid eith the return. Sometimes I wonder what people could possibly be thinking.

Once your WC claim is approved and payments begin, you receive payments until released to return to work. Being in prison is irrelevant, as long as your doctor says you are still unable to work. I have paid incarcerated WC beneficiaries in several states.

No. Alimony is intended to support the ex-spouse (generally, for a limited period of time). Child support is intended to support the children.

There is no specific time frame in Georgia. The executor has to insure the estate is inventoried and appraised, the debts collected, taxes paid and the terms of the will meet.

If the mortgage payments are still being made then no - they won't be, however - if you default on the mortgage payments then yes - they will go after the cosigner and if it is not paid their credit will be effected.

As long as you pay off all your payments that you paid on your credit card your credit rating will increase.

No, child support payments are never tax deductible.

If you plan to stay in the home for a long time extra payments toward the principal can reduce the payback time by years depending on how much you pay.

You get paid minimum wage, in Georgia it is $7.25.

depends everyone gets paid different but they do get paid alot.!

I need your help because my ex, has not paid any payments to me.

Yes, corporations can deduct lease payments. Property lease payments and vehicle lease payments are deductible in the year paid or accrued.

it takes about 2 years before you get paid for being a vet because you have to go to medical school and then you go and register

Depends on how you paid the premiums. If you paid the premiums on a pretax basis, then you cannot declare the premiums. Many COBRA payments, retiree insurance payments and so on can be deducted.

Perhaps your loan has been paid in full. Otherwise, call them and ask why they returned your payments.

Request a printout from child support enforcement. see links

No.If this case is currently being paid through the Az court system,they will track payments till it is paid off,child support is a true debt and even if the mother passes it is paid to her heirs of her estate.

Until it is paid off, including interest penalties for your state. see links below

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