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You should say I love you when you feel it. Some people are worried about scaring off the other person. But you will not know how the other person feels unless you say it. You say it when you feel it, and not because the other person said it. When you say it make sure the moment feels right and the timing is right. The two of you are alone together. To save face, tell the other person that you are about to reveal something and you do not necessarily want any response, but it is something that you must say. And you are okay if the feeling is not mutual but this is something you are now feeling. If you have been in this relationship long enough to feel this way, chances are the other person feels the same but may not have the guts that you have.

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Q: How long into a relationship before someone should say I love you?
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How long should you wait to marry someone if you were in a relationship with them before?

A few months.

How long does a bad relationship last?

Hopefully not very long because if it is a bad relationship someone should break it off; nobody should have to be miserable if they can do something about it.

How long before a relationship should turn sexual?

after you have sex the first time

How do you get a long distance relationship started?

Meet someone who lives far away from you and begin exchanging letters and email. Before you know it, a long distance relationship will have blossomed.

How long should we be dating before i meet his mother?

There is no set rule on how long you should wait before meeting his mother. You should just make sure that you're in a serious relationship.

How long should you wait before you snog someone?

At least a week.

How long in a relationship should someone wait to tell a person you love them?

My opinion is that you should wait until your sure you love the person, you should no when you do.

How long should you be dating before going steady?

don't worry about it. you can't really plan on a relationship getting serious. just date around and have fun. if you find someone you want to have a serious relationship with, you'll know, and it will just happen

How long should you date a guy?

how long should you date him before what? before you get married? break up? it all depends.. a tyipical good relationship lasts about a year. . . occasionaly longer,, but not always.

How long should you stay in a relationship with someone who has not committed yet?

You need to get to know someone well enough to make sure you're not making a mistake. You also need to talk to the person about your relationship as a whole.

How long does it takes to tell someone you LOVE them?

Less time than it took you to type the question. If you mean how long do you have to be in a relationship before you say you love someone, that could vary from minutes to years.

How long should you wait to date someone who has just ended a relationship with someone else?

depends on how bad u wanna have sex with them or just "know" them.

How long should you wait before dating someone new?

well atleast a day

What if i just got out a month long relationship with someone and start dating again but still have feelings for the guy?

you should get back together with the month long relationship and tell the other guy I'm sorry but i have feelings for a different guy

How long should you wait before getting married in long term relationship?

9 months!incase u got the woman pregnant.

How long should you be in a relationship before marriage?

I say a good year of trust and freindship should do it... get to know him or her well and become good friends.

What should you consider before entering a long-term relationship?

you neer know if the relationship is going to last so you really can't consider anything.

I kind of like this guy but my friend told me that his friends told him that the guy I like is in a long distance relationship what should I do?

If your friend told you that the guy you like is in a long distance relationship you should probably look for someone else. Long distance relationships are difficult enough to manage without obstacles.

How long should you live with someone and have a good relationship before the SUBJECT of marriage should come up?

u can really time love like that usually if you're a christian its after a year but if it just legally then it could be anytime. If you love them then time doesnt matter

How long should you wait to get into another relationship?

If the relationship was in depth, deep, (the one before), then wait just a little bit. You don't want to use your new relationship as a cover up for the last one.

How long should you wait before emailing someone back?

when the person seds you a message you answer right awa=]

What do you do when you think your boyfriend has feelings for someone else in a long distance relationship?

You ask him. Long distant relationships are all about trust. If he does admit he has feeling for someone else, you two can talk about it. If not, you'll know. If you don't think you can trust him on the phone or on the net, you should get out of the long distant relationship, one way or another. That's my opinion

How fast does a relationship need to go?

This depends upon how comfortable the two are in the relationship, their past (e.g. how long have they been friends before the relationship started), and what the relationship means to them.

How long do you have to wait before making love in a relationship?

every ones relationship is diffrent but to make it worth it wait as long as you can

In a science experiment how long should the experiment turn out paper be?

It depends on what your experiment was. You should ask a teacher or someone that you know who has done this before.