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How long is John Cena's contract with WWE?

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he will stay 'till he can't physically wrestle anymore, then just do movies and he can't lose in his home town or Mass.

March 8, 2009

No, that's not true. He can. He lost in Boston, Massachusetts at the Garden twice in the past few years. The first time was the summer SNME in 2006 where Edge cheated to retain the WWE title. The second time was on the March 2, 2009 episode of Raw where Edge cheated again to retain the World Heavyweight title.

March 19, 2011

More easily understood, He is under a lifetime WWE contract and one clause is he cannot lose cleanly in MA. IF he has to lose, the opponent has to cheat. Many WWE Superstars have clauses like this in their contract, for example, Triple H cannot be shown in a position of weakness for any Smackdown Vs Raw promotional ad.

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How do you go WWE?

no john cenas not married is ture

How is john cenas girlfirand?

she is a former diva in the wwe and she is maria

Picture of WWE john cenas car?

these are sum of his cars

What does john cenas contract include?

if i remember correctly, he signed a new contract about 2 years ago. it entitled him to 5 years in WWE with a title run (which he used and became champ)

John cena record in the WWE?

john cenas been in the wwe for 8 years and been a 10 time champion altogether.

What is WWE superstars john cenas email?

WikiAnswers does not give out email addresses.

When will WWE superstars contracts expire?

john cenas expires January 2011

Who are john cenas enemies?

As per the current WWE storyline, John Cena is feuding with Edge and the Big Show

What are john cenas 2 finishing moves for WWE?

Attitude Adjustment or 5 Knuckle Shuffle

Can you give WWE wrestler John Cenas email address?

WikiAnswers does not give out personal information.

What is john cenas age?

John Cena the WWE superstar was born in April 1977 and is currently 32 years old.

What is john cenas size?

He is in World Heavyweight class and has won the WWE championship over 2 times

What is the birth date of wwe the rock and john cena?

John cenas bday is april 23 1977 The rocks bday is may 2 1972

What is john cenas career record?

he beat brock lesnar and he is the 11 time wwe champion and the 3 best at wreslemania

What is john cenas WWE salary?

Im not completely sure. but im guessing about 10000 dollars a month. being one of the highest paid superstars in wwe history

How long is a WWE contract?

forevera contract is usually for three years

How long does a WWE contract last?

It depends on how bad the WWE wants the superstars

Why did john cena join WWE?

Because they offered him a contract

What is the fan mail address of John Cenas?

Jon Cena is a professional wrestler signed with the WWE. His official fan mail address is; John Cena, WWE, Inc., 1241 East Main Street, Stamford, CT 06902.

How long can WWE divas stay in WWE?

They stay in the WWE for every how long their contract is for. And about a year before the contract is up they start negoations for a new oneFor how long their contract is for. Like Kelly Kelly was in WWE last year which was 2008 and she is still in it now which is 2009. So they kind of keep a contract and before a year is over they start negoations for a new one so they can go on.

Why did WWE superstar edge leave WWE?

Because the contract have expired. He was on contract with wwe. Since his contract expired he had to leave wwe.

Is john Morrison going to be released from WWE?

no It is a possibility his contract is up soon, and don't know if WWE will renew it.

What is john cenas Gmail address?

John Cena is a very famous WWE Wrestler. He is known for his fighting skills and tactics. His Email ID is not available because of large fan following.

Why did john Morrison get fired from the WWE?

He didn't get fired!! His contract ended and he made the choice not to sign a new contract

Is there a WWE superstar whose birthday is on 6th April?

Not that I know of but John Cenas birthday is April 23 and this wrestler name Rosie birthday is April 7

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