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How long is a day on Jupiter?

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The length of one day in Jupiter is 9 earth hours and 50 earth minutes
Jupiter rotates once in about 10 hours.
A day is defined as the times it takes a planet to make one complete rotation on it's axis. A revolution is the amount of time it takes to orbit the Sun once.

Jupiter takes about 9 hours 56 minutes to do one full rotation, compared to 24 hours here on Earth.

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How long does it for Jupiter to orbit the sun?

"How long goes it take Jupiter to orbit the Sun?" is a questionthat we get from time to time here on Universe Today. Jupiterorbits the Sun every 11.86 Earth years (or 4,332 days). The longerorbital period for Jupiter is because it orbits at an averagedistance of 778 million km(Earth orbits at an ave ( Full Answer )

How long to get to Jupiter?

It depends on how fast you travel. If you travel as fast is it is possible to travel (i.e. at the speed of light) then while it takes light 8.32 minutes to get from the Sun to the Earth, it takes light 43.3 minutes to get from the Sun to Jupiter.

How many days are in a year on Jupiter?

A year on Jupiter is the amount of time for Jupiter to make one full revolution around the sun. The "year" on Jupiter takes 4331.57 Earth days (11.86 Earth years). Because Jupiter spins much faster than Earth, its day is as little as 9.84 Earth hours. This works out to 10,563 "Jupiter days" in ( Full Answer )

What is the Average day temperature of Jupiter?

At the cloud tops, the temperature is about -145 degrees C. The pressure of the atmosphere is 10 times what we have on Earth, the temperatures are room temperature or 20 degrees C. The centre of the planet is about 35,700 degrees C.. The answer depends on how deep you are into Jupiter's atmosphere. ( Full Answer )

How long is a day on the planet Jupiter?

Jupiter rotates the fastest of all of the planets. However, the gaseous atmosphere rotates at a different speed depending on the distance from the equator. The equatorial rotation period (day) is about 9.9 Earth hours . Nearer the poles, the rotation period is about 9 hours, 55 minutes. Around ( Full Answer )

How many hours is a day on Jupiter?

Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun and the largest planet inthe Solar System. There are only 9 hours and 56 minutes for a dayon Jupiter.

A day in Jupiter is how long?

Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun and the largest planet inthe Solar System. The length of one day on Jupiter is 9 hours and56 minutes.

How many days it takes to get to Jupiter?

The amount of days to travel to Jupiter would depend on the speedof the spacecraft that is used. There is 545.6 million milesbetween the distance from Earth to Jupiter.

Length of a year and day on Jupiter?

Jupiter's orbit is roughly 11.86 Earth Years. A day on Jupiter ismuch less actually, taking only about 9 hrs 55 min compared to our24.

Does Jupiter have day and night?

Jupiter does have day and night due to the rotation of its axis.Jupiter turns on its axis every 9.84 hours and spins much fasterthan most of the planets.

How long does it take Jupiter to complete one day?

Because Jupiter is not a solid body it does not rotate at a uniform rate. One rotation takes about 9 hours, 50 minutes near the equator, but about five minutes longer near the poles.

How long are days and years on Jupiter?

One day on Jupiter is about 10 hours long. This is the shortest dayof all the planets. One year on Jupiter equals 12 years on Earth.

How hot can Jupiter get during the day?

Jupiter is a very cold planet. Its average daytime temperature isabout -121 degrees Celsius. Its core, however, can become very hot,reaching as high as 35,500 degrees Celsius.

What day is it in earth time on Jupiter?

If you want to reckon time on Jupiter according to earth time, then it is the same time on Jupiter as it is on earth. I would suggest UTC, universal time.

How would a day be like in Jupiter?

Well, first of all, Jupiter is not a good place to stay because you can't even stand on it! It's just a ball of hot gases! But if you could stand on it, it would probably be chilly on the surface and hot in the middle. Also, the GIANT RED SPOT will kill you! It's a hurricane the size of the Earth! S ( Full Answer )

Earth is how many days from Jupiter?

At its closest, Jupiter is 588.42 million kilometers from Earth, or 32.7 light minutes.. At its furthest, with Jupiter on the far side of the Sun form Earth, Jupiter is 53.8 light minutes away.

How long is Jupiter days than earth?

Earths rotation period of 1.00 day. Jupiter rotation period is 0.41 days. Earths orbital period is 1.00 year. Jupiters orbital period is 11.86 years

How many Jupiter days in a Jupiter year?

Because Jupiter is a gas giant planet, the rotation of the atmosphere does not necessarily correlate withe the rotation near the core. The equatorial clouds make one spin every 9.84 Earth hours , while the poles are slower at 9.93 Earth hours, and the magnetic field (core) only a tiny bit faster th ( Full Answer )

How long is the rotation of Jupiter in one day?

it is 10 hours for 1 day and just like earth has 24 hours in 1 day but for 1 year there they have 2549664532127423142814238263 days in 1 year but instead od 1 year there 1 year there is 11.86 years for 1 year!

Jupiter length of year and day?

Jupiter is the fastest rotating planet. It is 9.9 hours in a day and 12 earth years on Jupiter.

How long does it take to get from the sun to Jupiter?

It depends on how fast you go. For a space ship it would take several months to make the journey. Light takes about eight and a half minutes to reach the earth from the sun, but Jupiter is five times further out, so light takes a good 45 mins or so to make the journey.

What is a day and a year on Jupiter?

A day (rotation period) is about 9.925 hours. . A year (revolution period around the Sun) is 4,331.572 Earthdays or 11.85920 Earth years.

It there day light on Jupiter?

yes you silly boy. It is facing the sun isn't it? and don't fool yourself with Micheal Jackson little boy

Why does Jupiter have 4332 days in a year?

A year is defined as the period it takes a planet to orbit the Sun once. For Jupiter, it takes 4,332 Earth days for Jupiter to make one revolution.

How many hours is in a day at Jupiter?

On average, a day on Jupiter is 9.9 hours. The length of the days of the planets varies slightly because their rotations are not perfect.

What if you spend a day on Jupiter?

Depends on what you are wearing, who you are with, where on Jupiter you are at, the heating of your spaceship, the components of your spaceship, how much food you have, if you still have contact with your space station, and why you are even at Jupiter. Every mood you have depends on your surrounding ( Full Answer )

How many days are in week on Jupiter?

7 Weeks are sets of 7 days used solely for Earth. Other planets have years because a year is the time it takes to around the sun 1 time and days because a day is how long it takes to turn 1 time but they don't have special months or weeks.

How many days can you survive on Jupiter?

If you brought along everything you need to survive there ... in other words, everything you need to make it feel like Earth ... then you can keep going until your body, your mind, or your supplies give out. If you didn't bring along everything you need to make it feel like Earth, then you' ( Full Answer )

How long in light years is it to Jupiter?

The distance to Jupiter is better measured in light minutes. Depending on the relative positions in orbit the distance is anywhere between 30 and 70 light minutes. 0.000057 to 0.00013 light years

What are the lengths of days and nights on Jupiter?

Jupiter's rotation is the fastest of any planet, around 9 hours 55 minutes. Jupiter has only a small axis tilt (only about 3 degrees as compared with Earth's tilt of about 23.5 degrees). So the days and the nights should be roughly equal in length all over the planet and at all times of Jupit ( Full Answer )

How many hours on Jupiter in a day?

Jupiter is not only the largest planet in the solar system, it'salso the fastest rotating. Jupiter's "day" ... the time it takes to complete oneaxial rotation ... is only 9 Earth hours and 56 Earth minutes .

How is a year or day in Jupiter?

Jupiter completely orbit the sun every 11.86 years. However,Jupiter rotation is the fastest whcich means day in jupiter is 9h 50m 30.0s