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an animal's small intestine is about 3.5 the size of its own length

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How long is a frogs small intestine?

About 3.5 times the frogs length.

Length of frogs small intestine?

about 122 cm long

How long is the frogs small intestine?

it depends on the size of the frog but in general, the small intestine is roughly 3.5x the length of the frog.

Is a frogs large intestine coiled or not?

No. The small intestine is.

Difference between the frogs small intestine and humans?

frogs intestine doesn't have a villi like humans.

What is the purpose of a frogs small intestine?

It has no purpose.

What is the length of a frogs small intestine in centimeters?


How long are a frogs intestines?

The frogs intestine is 28 inches in length

What are three parts of the small intestine in a frog?

Three parts of a frogs small intestine are the duodenum, jejunum and ilium.

How are the relative lengths of the frogs small intestine and large intestine related to their functions?

Since the small intestine helps absorb nutrients and calories from digested food, the small intestine needs to be long enough so it can go through full digestion.Because Sarah H. told me the large intestine is better

What does a frogs small intestine do?

A frog's small intestine is in charge of the majority of its digestion. It helps its body absorb nutrients from food.

How long are the small and large intestine?

The Small Intestine is 7m long

What does a frogs small intestine do to the food that it eats?

Absorb nutrients.

How long can an ostrich's small intestine get to be?

A Ostrich's small intestine is about 30cm long.

Is the small intestine shorter than the large intestine?

No . The Small Intestine Is 25 Feet Long And The Large Intestine Is 5 Feet Long , Its Just Wider Than The Small Intestine .

How long is the small intestine vs.large intestine?

the small intestine is aprox. 20-25 ft. long. the large intestine is 4-5 ft. long.

How long is your small intestine in inches?

Your small intestine is 20 in.

What is the thin membrane that holds a frogs small intestine in place?


Is the small intestine on a frog short or long?

The small intestine is about 7 meters long.

What is the order of a frogs digestive system?

Mouth--> Pharynx--> esophagus--> stomach--> small intestine--> large intestine -->cloaca

How long can small and large intestine go if seen together?


How long is an adult and small intestine?

An adult small intestine is close to 22 feet long.

How does bile enter the small intestine in the frog?

The frog should have a pancreas that creates bile and transports it to the duedum which is the first part of the frogs small intestine.

What does the frogs small intestine do?

Same as ours: absorb nutrients from the food we eat.

What do the small intestine do for frogs?

Same as ours: absorb nutrients from the food we eat.