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The amount of time a landlord has to sue for damages will vary by state and the type of California. In California, for example, you have 4 years to make a claim on a written contract, and 3 years to file for property damage. A claim for unpaid rent on a written rental agreement is 4 years. Property damage might be 3 years from the date you moved out. The laws of your state may be different.

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Q: How long is a landlord able to sue you for damages after you have vacated the apartment?
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Can you get section 8 for an apartment that you can no longer pay for landlord wants information for you to be able to stay in your apartment?

can you get section 8 for an apartment you are all ready rent but can no longer pay for landlord wants information for section 8 for renters and how you can get it.

How do you rent an apartment with a foreclosure?

Find a landlord who will allow you to rent without regard to your credit score. This will likely be a mom and pop landlord and not an apartment rental service, but you will be able to get a place and work on your credit.

Can you buy an apartment?

Apartments are typically leased or rented by the month. You may be able to buy an apartment building or complex of apartments however as a landlord.

Can a landlord deny you an apartment based on your age?

Only if you are under the age of being able to sign a legally binding contract .

In the state of Florida can a landlord enter without your permission?

Read your lease thoroughly. Usually each state has a standard format. Almost all states provide for the landlord being able to enter your apartment. In every lease there should be a mention of how much notice the landlord must give the tenant prior to entering the apartment.

How do I Get out of apartment lease in New York?

If you are stuck with a 12 month lease you will not be able to get out unless you can convince the Landlord to end your lease agreement early.

Can a landlord refuse to let you paint your apartment while refusing to do it himself?

Yes you can paint your apartment and but you need to look at your lease you maybe able to deduct the cost from your rent as improvements to raise property value

How long does a landlord have to sue for unpaid rent in New York City after you have vacated the apartment?

Check the landlord/tenant laws for your state. If they are going to sue, they must notify you--often by certified letter. However, the issue may be moot if they were able to rent the place out right away. If it has been awhile, you can avoid wondering by giving them a call. By the way, leaving without having all of this resolved, along with a walk through after you moved, puts you into a bad situation if the house/apartment is found to be in poor condition. It is so much better in the long run to face up to (and pay) what you must.

Can a Manager or Landlord Wrongful withhold part of a security deposit even if you never moved in?

If an apartment is reserved for you, because you paid a security deposit, that means that the landlord is not able to rent it to anyone else. Hence, when you then decide not to move in after all, the landlord has still lost the rent which he might have collected by renting that apartmnent to a different renter. So yes, he can withhold the deposit. It is not a good idea to make a deposit on an apartment that you are not actually going to move into.

Can you get evicted from an illegal apartment in nc?

Additional info I have been living in this apartment for 1 year in November and there is no lease. The "apartment" does not seem like an apartment from the outside, it looks like a tool shed. If a guest who has never seen it were to walk up to it, they would have no idea it is an apartment. The landlord built it himself, originally so his son could smoke pot there. Oh yea, landlord is a retired cop. Anyways, the apartment has no windows and no fire extinguisher and no smoke detectors. The kitchen and bathroom are all in one room. The only thing that separates the toilet from kitchen is a curtain. I recently lost my job and will not be able to pay rent until I find another job. I have never been late or behind on rent. Can the landlord evict me?

Can the landlord charge the tenant a fee for breaking the lease if the apartment is rented again in few days?

This depends upon whether that fee is quoted on your lease when you signed it. It is not there, then landlord cannot charge you because he rented the apartment quickly after you left. However he may be able to keep your security deposit if you broke your lease. If there was a lease, the terms are generally such that you are responsible for the rent for any month that the apartment is vacant from the time you vacate the apartment to the time the lease ends OR the apartment is rented out, whichever comes first. Since the landlord did not suffer any damage by breaking the lease - he rented out the unit just a few days that you left - there shouldn't really be any reason for him to charge a fee. But if that is stated on your lease then he has the right to do so.

If you pay 6 months rent upfront will you be able to rent a property with bad credit history?

Usually, it depends on the landlord though. That's how most people with bad credit get an apartment.

Can you get an apartment if your emancipated in Texas?

Good question. A person must be 18 to sign a contract in Texas, but emancipation may change that situation. Any realtor should be able to find the answer for you. There are plenty in Texas. You would probably stand a better chance of getting an apartment from a private landlord than an apartment complex. Check with the realtor.

How do you get an apartment complex to make a Smoke Free living Environment?

It is the decision of the owner of the property whether he wants to create a smoke free environment for the tenants. It is very difficult for any landlord to be able to enforce a rule against smoking in one's own apartment. As a tenant you have the right to make your own apartment smoke free.

If neighbor stole your license plate and has been to your house drunk in the middle of the night. Can you get your landlord to relocate your neighbor to another apartment if you have a police report?

Your landlord would be wise to evict your troublesome neighbor, but he is probably not legally required to do so. However, you might be able to claim that your landlord is causing a public nuisance or violating your right to quiet enjoyment of the apartment by allowing your drunk neighbor to remain a tenant. I suggest you call a landlord-tenant attorney or tenants' rights group in your area for information on your specific situation and any laws that work in your favor. City or county code enforcement might also be able to help by determining whether the other tenant is a nuisance.

Can an apartment manager harass a tenant with nude email pictures?

Ofcourse NOT! Apartment Manager or GOD... This just isn't acceptable behavior. You should file a complaint with your landlord - or if it has become habitual - then contact your local precent (do NOT call 911 to file this type of complaint) file a complaint and put your Landlord on notice of your action. If it persists contact the police and this person will likely be cited and serve time (community service or jail time) and you may be able to recover monetarily from your Landlord - if your he allows for this to persist.

Can you break a lease if moving out of the country?

Yes you can, but unfortunately, depending on the landlord (they shouldn't have a problem re-renting) you could lose your money. Talk to your landlord and explain the circumstances. These days it doesn't take long to re-rent a home or apartment so I don't think you have anything to worry about and if you have a decent landlord you should be able to get your money back. Good luck Marcy

If you are emancipated can you rent an apartment in Texas?

If a person is emancipated from their parents they should be able to rent an apartment. They will have to meet all the requirements to rent the apartments and be able to pay for the apartment.

Your superintendent can not be bonded should you allow access to your apartment?

Check the wording of your lease. If the superintendent is an employee of the property owner or management company then they have delegated their resposibility to him. As an "agent" of the landlord you may not be able to deny him access to your apartment to perform NECESSARY ore EMERGENCY functions associated with the maintenance and upkeep of the property..

Can a landlord evict and sue for back rent?

IF you owe the landlord rent, why wouldn't or shouldn't he be able to sue you!

What is the legal age to rent and apartment in Chicago?

A person has to be at least 18 years old to be able to rent an apartment. However, a minor who has been legally emancipated may be able to rent an apartment.

When can your landlord start showing your apartment?

Once you move out. Not necessarily true; it depends on what your lease says. Once our renters have given notice or fallen behind on rent XX number of days, we are able to show the property to prospective renters.

Who can not sue for specific performance?

Those who are able to get damages

If you are in illegal apt and suffer personal injury do to mold and mildew in the apt i just found that apt was illegal in court can i sue my landlord for return of some of my rent?

Uncertain what the questioner means by "illegal" apartment. If the place you were living was not licensed as an apartment/boarding house/rooming house the landlord can probably be charged criminally for operating an un-licensed establishment. You may have no choice but to sue this person in civil court but will have to be able to prove that the person rented you the space KNOWING that it was hazardous.

Why should a landlord get contents insurance?

It is very important for a landlord to get contents insurance if they are renting out a property with furniture included. If then the contents are damaged by the tennants then the landlord will be able to use the insurance policy to replace them.