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A lap can be either 25 meters or 50 meters. In the Olympics and major National events the swim 'long course' which means the pool is 50 meters in length. However, there are still short course swim meets and the pool is only 25 meters. If you are talking about a track lap, it is 400meters! 25 METERS IT NOT THAT LONG. BUT WHEN YOU GET INTO IT YOU GET USED TO DOING MORE LAPS!!!

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How many laps is 20 km?

The answer will depend on how long each lap is! The answer will depend on how long each lap is! The answer will depend on how long each lap is! The answer will depend on how long each lap is!

How long does it take fore a race car to do one lap?

It depends on how big the lap is

How many lanes do I have to swim to swim a lap?

it depends on how long it is....but if its 8ft or more that's a lap

How long is a lap in athletics?

400 metres

How long is a lap in a pool?

depends on how long your pools lanes are. Mine is 25meters.

How long is a horse race lap?

not sure but i think that they continud the lap over and the first one to finish would win

How wide should a swimming lap lane be?

A lap pool is usually 40' long with a width of either 10', 12', or 14'.

How long is a lap seat belt on a plane?

47 inches

1.5 miles is how many laps?

It depends on how long a "lap" is.

How long is one lap of an Athletics tracks?

400 meters

Is it ok to put your laptop on your lap?

YES but not for a long time

How long is a lap at the Daytona International Speedway?

2.5 miles

How do you measure a lap in a pool?

A lap in a pool is measured by the long side of the pool. The longest length of the pool is often used for races by swimmers.

What is the Standard lap of a swimming pool?

One lap of the pool is usually 25 meters or yards. An Olympic pool is 50 meters long.

How long is the racing lap for NASCAR?

Depends on the race. The name usually says how long the race is.

How many laps is 450 yards?

That depends how long an individual lap is.

How long is one lap an athletics track?

That is probably 400 meters.

How long a lap top battery last?

Six and a half hours

How long is the lap pool in 24 hour fitness?

25 meters

Does the word LAST have a long or short A?

The A has a short A sound, as in lap and lack.

How long to fly to lap land?

well it depends where ur from lol

Is lap a long vowel or short vowel?


How many laps are in 20 yards?

The answer depends on how long each lap is.

How long did phar lap do racing for?

The great Phar Lap raced for four years, 1929-1932, winning 37 0f 51 starts.

Why do terriers have such long tongues?

well... when they were little they needed long tongues to lap up milk and kibble