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How long is a levy valid?


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Until the amount owed is paid in full or the judgment creditor agrees to a settlement of the debt.


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Yes. If the account holder can prove that the judgment levy is not valid.

There really are no options if the judgment levy is valid. The involved party might wish to consult with an attorney licensed to practice in his or her resident state to ascertain if the judgment levy has been executed according to the existing state statutes.

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If what is meant is will the non custodial parent be informed before the levy occurs, the answer is yes, they will. However, child support obligations are enforced by state and federal law and if the levy is valid there is no means of preventing it.

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It's a one time rape of your bank account. Whatever funds are holding when the bank levy hits, up to the judgment amount, will be deducted from your account and sent to the court. If they issue another levy, same thing will happen again each time the levy is issued.

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