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How long is chicken good once it is thawed?

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Once chicken has been frozen and thawed, it should be cooked or discarded within 24 hours. Once it is cooked, it will last a few more days in the fridge if stored below 40 degrees F.

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How long is chicken gizzards good for once thawed?

ummm, you're a physco

How long can chicken be refrigerated once thawed?

rinse it thoroughly once thawed and place in sealed clean container and it should keep for 24-48 hours

How long is chicken good for once thawed?

No more than 24 hours in it's raw condition. After it has been cooked, it can last a week.

How many times can chicken be frozen?

Only once, once it is thawed you can not refreeze it.

Can you refreeze uncooked chicken nuggets that thawed completely?

No - once it's thawed - either use it or throw it out !

Is frozen chicken ok after 2 years?

Meats can be frozen for this long. If the chicken was kept frozen in an air tight container, it should still be good. Check the smell and look for freezer burn once the meat has thawed.

Can you refreeze chicken thats been thawed in water?

It isn't generally safe to refreeze raw food. This is especially true for chicken, which is contaminated with salmonella at scary-high rates. If the chicken has thawed, it isn't generally safe to refreeze it and eat it later. This is especially true if it is thawed in room-temperature water rather than being thawed in the refrigerator. Once thawed, the chicken should be cooked fairly quickly. Once cooked, it can then be frozen for later consumption.

Can you refreeze defrosted chicken once its cooked?

Yes. It is preferable over trying to refreeze raw thawed chicken.

Can chicken thawed outside be refrozen without cooking?

It is not recommended to re-freeze ANY type of food product once it has been thawed.

Can you eat cooked frozen chicken once thawed without reheating?

Yep! If you cook chicken and then thaw it, you can take it out of the freezer and let it thaw and then eat it. It's good for about a day after you take it out of the freezer.

How long is thawed soup good?

Soup is a delicious cold weather meal. However, you can make it anytime of the year and freeze it. Once it has thawed though, keep in mind that it is good for three to four days.

How long does chicken stay good after defrosting it?

No more than 3 days if refrigerated. Once you have cooked any meat well after it has been thawed out you can refreeze the left overs. I go by rule of thumb, "If in doubt, throw it out!"

How long does pork stay good outside of the fridge?

Not very long, once meat is thawed you have no choice but to cook it anyway, but the smell of the meat is usually a good barometer.

Once vegetables are thawed how long can you wait to cook them?

Normally, frozen vegetables are not thawed first but are cooked from frozen.

How long is ground beef good for once thawed?

I have read that it only lasts for two days. It must be longer than that!

Chicken thawed in the freezer then refrozen?

Depends on what temperature the chicken got to before "refreezing". Once it gets over 40F it should be cooked or discarded.

How long can thawed scallops last in the fridge not the freezer?

Thawed scallops can last in the fridge for up to 73 hours long. Once defrosted, they should not be returned to the freezer.

If you thaw out chicken and once thawed place in fridge how long until it goes bad?

Rapid thaw methods should only be used if the chicken is going to be cooked immediately after thawing. By not thawing it in the refrigerator, you have temperature-abused the chicken. There is no way to know how much more quickly the chicken will go bad.

How long can you keep deer meat once thawed?

A couple of days at the most

Can you freeze chicken after it has thawed and then cook?

Once Chicken/Turkey has thawed it is OK to re-freeze it if it has thawed and the ambient temperature of the bird has not risen above 40 deg for more than 3 hours. Because freezing causes ice crystals which damage the meat each time, repetitive freezing will result in poor texture.

Is it better to freeze raw or frozen chicken?

Both ways are good. Freezing is the best way to preserve food. Cooked leaves an advantage of not cross-contaminating other foods once it is thawed out.

Can chicken livers be refrozen once thawed?

No. You can cook the and then refreeze them. Make sure you put them in a freezer container. This will prevent freezer burn.

Can you refreeze thawed shrimp?

No! Once thawed, you cannot safely refreeze shrimp.

Can you cook a frozen pie once it has thawed?

You can, but the pastry won't be nearly as good as if you cook it from frozen.

Can you Eat frozen chicken once cooked in the oven?

You can if it was deep-frozen raw chicken which was defrosted and then thoroughly cooked in the oven. If the cooked chicken is then deep-frozen it can be defrosted (thawed) and eaten, but should not be deep-frozen a third time.

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