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she doesn't give birth - she lays eggs. :o)

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Q: How long is it before the female betta fish gives birth?
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Will a female betta make a bubble nest?

No, the male betta makes the bubble nest the female gives the eggs.

How do you know when female is pregnant?

before or after she gives birth? And are we talking human or animal

Do female koalas give birth or male?

Only the female koala gives birth. Koalas are mammals, and among all mammals, it is only ever the female that gives birth.

Creatures that a male but gives birth?

Male Seahorses gives birth not the female seahorses!

What is it called when female rabbit gives birth?

When a doe gives birth it is called kindling.

Should you separate your female cat from the male before she gives birth?

if u do not want as much kittens

Do you have to take out the male hamster after she gives birth?

The male should be removed once the female is pregnant, long before the birth of the litter.

What do you do after a Betta fish gives birth?

ye put babie fish in oter bow 2gethere

Does a male guinea pig kill babies?

Male guinea pigs don't normally kill the babies. They should be moved out before the female gives birth, though, as they can make the female pregnant again straight away, immediately after she gives birth.

Does a male or a female dolphin give birth to the baby?

The female (cow) gives birth to the baby (calf).

In hyena which one is the one which gives birth the male or the female?

I believe that would be the female. The hyena is a dog and female dogs give birth.

What is the process of a female pig giving birth?

When a pig gives birth she is Farrowing.

What happens if a meerkat gives birth?

They give birth by mating with a male and a female

When a female rabbit gives birth what is it called?


What is a female pig called after it gives birth?

a sow

Do male hyenas give birth?

No, male hyenas do not give birth. The female gives birth.

Where does a female koala give birth?

The female koala gives birth high up in gum trees, where she is safe from predators.

How are giraffe's born?

a female giraffe gives birth to a giraffe.

Is it unusual for a female cat to be skinny after it gives birth?

No, it is not unusual.

Do you separate the Male bunny when the Female gives birth?


When a female gives birth does the vagina shrink later?

Yes, it does.

Do seahorses have weird behaviors?

yes they do instead of the female giving birth the male gives the birth

How mules take birth?

A male donkey impregnates a female horse. She gives birth to a mule.

What is special about the male seahorse?

the male seahorse gives birth instead of the female :D the female gives birth but the male carries the baby seahorses in a pouch at the front like a kangaroo XD

How many cubs can a female tiger usually give birth to?

a female tiger usually gives birth to atleast 1-7 cubs