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How long is one earth day on Saturn?

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one day on saturn in earth days is 10 hours and 37 minutes

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One earth day is 24 hours no matter where you are.

it is 10.66 hours on earth that equal one day on Saturn

saturn rotates 1.25 times in a earth day

One day on Saturn is roughly 10-11 earth hours

A Saturnian day is 0.44 Earth days long and It year is 29.45 Earth years long. So Duing one orbital period Saturn has about 24,440 sunrises.

The length of one day on Saturn is equal to 10 hours and 39 minutes on Earth. The length of one year on Saturn is 29 Earth years.

Saturn doesn't have one time period for its day, but its about 0.444 Earth days.

An hour is still an hour - so one. But a "day" on Saturn is 10 hours and 16 minutes long.

One Earth year is one Earth year everywhere.

how long is one night on saturn

It takes 10.2 Earth hours for Saturn to complete one Saturn day which in other words means spinning once on axis.

Saturn take 29.447 Earth years to make one orbit of the sun.

Saturn takes 10,832 Earth days (29.66 Earth years) to go around the Sun once. Since one day on Saturn is 10.656 hours long, it takes 24,396 Saturnian days for Saturn to go around the sun once.

a saturn year is 29 earth years and 155 earth days

Yes, and rather rapidly. About 10.5 Earth hours equals one day on Saturn. The Gas Giants rotate rapidly but have a very slow and long revolution

Because Saturn spins faster than Earth does. The 'day' is the length of time a planet takes to complete one spin on its axis of rotation.

A day in Saturn is 10 hours and 40 minutes just in one day while it rbits the sun

In 24 hours, or one earth day, Saturn would have rotated 2 ¼ times.

Saturn spins way to fast that one Earth day is only 4 hours in Saturn

Saturn does not circle the earth. It orbits the sun. Copernicus demonstrated this mathematically in the 17th century. It takes about 29 earth years for Saturn to complete one orbit of the sun.

(earth days) It is 24.95 years or 10519 earth days.

One earth year is one earth year no matter where you are, but one Saturnian `year` is around 29 ½ Earth years. Saturn takes 29.5 years to go once around the sun.

It takes Saturn about 10.7 Earth hours to make one full rotation around its axis.

No, a day on Saturn is much shorter than one Earth day. The giant planet spins around, or rotates, once every ten and one-half (earth) hours.It spins every 10 hours 45 minutes and 45 seconds

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