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Thats a unique question. You are subject to repo until the loan is payed or the car is found. I have looked for a car for 3 yrs before. Finally spotted it at Walmart. GONE.....

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Q: How long is one subject to repossession after payments have stopped in California?
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Do you receive notification before auto repossession?

You will receive notices that your payments have not been received, making your auto subject to repossession, but you will not receive a date and time of the repossession.

Where can one find 'Repossessions Stopped'?

One may find information on the subject "repossessions stopped" at the website for Harrington Brooks. They have many services for dealing with debt and preventing repossession.

When does a repossession legally take place in California?

The California Business and Professions Code is very clear on this point. The code states the following: With regard to collateral subject to registration under the Vehicle Code, a repossession occurs when the repossessor gains entry to the collateral or when the collateral becomes connected to a tow truck. You can find out more repossession related laws by checking out the website at They have a FAQ page that answers all related repossession law questions for the State of California.

In general how many months can a person fall behind in car payments before the car will be repossessed?

Typically a person is given three months or approximately 90 days to miss car payments before a car is subject to repossession. Usually the bank or credit union that issued the loan will call to try and arrange payments with the car owner.

What has the author Richard A Canaday written?

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How far behind do your car payments have to be before it can be repossessed in the state of Virginia?

In Virginia, the law states a lender must submit notice in writing at least 10 days before a car is to be repossessed. Therefore, car payments that are late can be subject to repossession at anytime, provided notice has been given.

When the borrower agrees to a voluntary repossession but their mother contests the action is that a wrongful act of repossession?

No, if the vehicle is subject to repossession due to a default in the lending agreement, it is irrelevant whether or not the parent agrees to the action.

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What will happen when a loan on a motorcycle has been defaulted and the finance company will not reprocess it?

If guess you mean "refinance" when you say "reprocess", the answer is repossession. Loans in DEFAULT are subject to repossession of the collateral and payment of the balance owed by voluntary or legal means.

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