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the chang jiang river is about 3900 miles and 6300 kilometers

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Q: How long is the Chang Jiang?
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What continent chang Jian river located?

It is likely that you are referring to the Chang Jiang, which literally means long river (chang = long, jiang = river) in China. This means it is in Asia. Chang Jiang is commonly known as the Yangtze Jiang or the Yangtze River.

What is Chang Jiang mean in English?

It means Long River

What continent is the Chang jiang river on?

hmmm think about it..... CHANG JIANG sounds like Chinese What continent is china in ................. ITS in ASIAA!!! the chang jiang river is in Asia -__-

Where does Chang Jiang river located?

the Chang Jiang river is located in Southern China .

Is there rice in the Chang jiang basin?

Yes, there is rice in the Chang Jiang Basins. People grow the rice in the Chang Jiang Basins because of the warm and wet climate.

What is the Chang jiang river used for?

The Chang Jiang River, also known as the Yangtze River, is the largest river in Asia. It is 6,300 km long and is used as a means of transportation.

On what continent is the Chang Jiang river on?

The Yangtze also known as the Chang Jiang River is in the continent of Asia.

What is the river chang Jiang also known as?

The Chang Jiang river is also known as the Yangtze River.

How long is the Chang Jiang River in China?

3,900 miles/6,300 km

What do the Chinese call the Yangtze river?

Chang Jiang (means long river)

The three great rivers of china?

Huang He (yellow River) Chang Jiang (long River) Xi Jiang (West River)

What continent is Chang Jiang located on?

The Chang Jiang River, another name for the Yangtze River, is located in China, Asia.

How long is the Chang Jiang in kl?

In miles the river is 3,900 miles/ 6,300 kilometers.

Which direction does the Chang Jiang flow?

---- == ==

Does the Chang jiang have a waterfall?

yes it does

What is the Chang Jiang Yangtze?


What Chinese city is situalted at the mouth of the chang jiang river?

Shanghai is the Chinese city that is situalted at the mouth of the Chang Jiang river.

Where does the Chang Jiang River end?

The Chang Jiang (Yangtze) River flows from Tibet to the East China Sea, near Shanghai.

What do you call the Chinese rivers Chang Jiang and Huang He in English?

the Chang Jiang is Yangtze and the Huang He is Yellow River I hope this helps

What are the three major rivers of east Asia?

They are: Hwang He (Yellow River) Chang-Jiang (Long River/Yangtze) Xi Jiang (West River)

Where can these be found Nile Amazon Chang Jiang Mississippi?

Nile ~ AfricaAmazon ~ South AmericaChang Jiang ~ ChinaMississippi ~ USA

What waterway feeds the Chang Jiang?

The Grand canal is connected to the Huang He and the Chang Jiang and was created Wendi while in his reign time period.

What country is the Chang jiang river in?


What did China used to be called?

Chang Jiang

What is the shortest river in China?

The Chang Jiang