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608 ft. roughly the size of two American football fields

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How long did it take the USS Arizona to sink?

Nine Minutes.

Is the uss Arizona Arizona upside down?

USS Arizona sank upright in shallow water; USS Oklahoma, however, did capsize.

When was the USS Arizona memorial constructed?

The USS Arizona was constructed in 1962

Where is the USS Arizona memorial what does it commermorate?

It is in Hawaii and it honors the USS Arizona.

Did the USS Arizona have canons?

NO, but the USS Arizona had huge guns. 18 in in diameter.

Why was USS Arizona Memorial built?

To remember the USS Arizona and the people who died on it.

Which is bigger USS Arizona or uss Missouri?

USS Missouri.

Why was the USS Arizona memorial built?

The USS Arizona memorial was built in honor of the USS Arizona that was sunk at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

How long did it take for the ship U.S.S Arizona to sink?

It took 9 minutes for USS Arizona to sink

Why was the uss Arizona named the uss Arizona?

The Navy used to name battleships after states and Arizona wasn't taken.

What did the USS Arizona battleship look like?

For photos, see website: USS Arizona

Did everybody who was on the USS Arizona die when the USS Arizona sank?

no not everyone died when it sank

How many people survived the uss Arizona?

223 survived the sinking of the USS Arizona

What type of ship was the USS Arizona?

The USS Arizona, BB-39 was a Pennsylvania class battleship.

What is the area of USS Arizona Memorial?

The area of USS Arizona Memorial is 42,491.9924352 square meters.

When was USS Arizona Memorial created?

USS Arizona Memorial was created on 1962-05-30.

Where was the USS. Arizona memorial located?

The USS Arizona is located at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

What state is the USS Arizona Memorial located in?

The USS Arizona Memorial is located in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Did a bomb or torpedo kill the USS Arizona?

it is proven that torpedoes were dropped from planes onto the USS Arizona.

Where is the USS Arizona and USS Utah?

AT the bottom of Pear Harbor.

Are there bodies in the USS Arizona?

Yes. The USS Arizona served as a "burial at sea" for 1,177 sailors during the attack.

What was bigger the USS Arizona or the Titanic?

Overall the Titanic was larger than the Arizona. (BB-39)USS Arizona displaced 31,400 tons, was 608 ft long and 106 ft wide. RMS Titanic displaced 52,310 tons, was 882 ft long and 92 ft wide.

What were three ships bombed in pearl Harbor?

The USS Utah , USS Oklahoma and USS Arizona .

Why is the uss Arizona floating?

ITS NOT! The USS Arizona sunk on December 7 1941. The way you think its floating is its a totally different battleship. the ship that is floating is the USS Missouri.

What does the USS Arizona memorial commemorate?

The USS Arizona Memorial commemorates the men who died on the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. It is built over the remains of the USS Arizona. The Arizona was one of the ships sunk in the attack, and the remains of many sailors are still aboard.

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