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How long is the boat trip from Al Arish Egypt to Netanya Israel?

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The two cities are roughly 90 nautical miles apart. so, it would depend on Your Hull speed and sailing conditions. For example, if You could maintain an average speed of 7 knots per hour under sail, it would take You 12.857 hours.

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Is it possible to get to Egypt by boat?


How did Howard Carter get to Egypt?

When he was 17, it was by boat.

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What is a ancient Egypt boat powered by?

a monkey

What is the name of a ancient Egypt boat?


Traveling Boat of Ancient Egypt?


What is an ancient Egypt boat powered by?

Slaves rowing.

What was the main transportation in ancient Egypt?

Transportation in ancient Egypt was by camel, donkey, or river boat.

How long would it travel by boat from Massachusetts to Israel?

impossible theirs not direct water route between israel and mass

How did the ancient egyptians trade along the nile river?

They traded by boat, the boat was very important in Ancient Egypt.

What was the first boat ever made called?

A log boat /hollowed log(canoe) or a raft(float). In Egypt reeds were bound to make a reed boat.

How long would it take you if you were to travel from Cincinnati Ohio to Egypt by car?

You can't get from Ohio to Egypt by car. You'd need a boat.

How do people in Egypt travel?

they go by boat because they dont have many roads

In 1500s-1600s what was the fastest transportation in Cairo Egypt?

Boat - a felucca

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How long does it take to get from Chicago to Egypt by boat?

There is no channel of water that runs from Chicago to Egypt. Consider a flight to a coastal city and start your voyage from there.

What mode of transportation did Marco Polo use on his voyage?

He traveled by boat through the Mediterranean to Acre (modern day Israel) The type of boat was called a Dhow

How do people cross the river nile?

In Ancient Egypt people crossed the river by boat.

What is the safest way of booking Egypt travel by boat?

The safest way to book Egypt travel by boat is to use a travel agent such as Thomas Cook. They are an industry leader and have access to all the most reliable and trusted boating partners that service Africa.

Does US citizen need a visa to travel to Israel?

No. US passport and a convincing reason to be going there. If you or your story don't check out at the point of departure for Israel, you won't even get on the boat or the plane.

How long does it take to get from England to Egypt by boat?

The time it takes to get from Liverpool, England to Alexandria, Egypt by ship is 3 days 6 hours. The distance is 2,244 miles.

How long does it take to sails in a medieval boat from Portsmouth to israel?

2 weeks , 3 days, 11 hours

How do you get to England from Egypt without flying on a plane?

You'll have to use cars, trains buses, and the occasional boat or ferry.

Why was the nile river so important to people in Egypt.?

It provided fish, water for irrigation, and a means for transport by boat.