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how many miles is the earths core


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There are more than an Earth's core.upper mantle and lower mantle - 2900 km longouter core and inner core - 3500 km long

Designate a speed for the object that is travelling to the core.

how long does it take to install a heater core in a 2000 dodge neon

yes it has a Iron core almost 3,000 yards long

No. The heat and pressure would destroy any vehicle or probe long before it reached the core.

eventually yes but not for a long time

it would take you 300 days to dig all the way down to the core

about 50 min without traffic. about an hour by train. 81 KM (core-to-core)

You have a very long metal tube. It screws into the ice and scoops out a cylinder of ice. That's an ice core.

Yes as long as it is not beyond 30

It is of unknown length, wood and core.

It would be necessary to know at what speed you intend to travel through the outer core.

It would be necessary to know the speed at which you plan to travel through the inner core.

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it takes the sun 10 billion years to convert all the hydrogen in it's core to helium.

The answer depends on the inner core of WHAT! And since you have not bothered to share that crucial bit of information, I cannot provide a more useful answer.

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10 minutes for full to the core hardness

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