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How long is the flight from Detroit to South Africa?

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2010-05-15 10:07:53

A random search for flights from Detroit Wayne (DTW) to

Johannesburg (JNB) shows:

OPTION 1: 18hr 30min via Atlanta (ATL)

DTW - ATL Delta Air Lines Flt 1633 Dep 06:30am 11Jun,Fri

ATL - JNB Delta Air Lines Flt 102 Dep 09:20pm 11Jun,Fri

Flight Duration: 17hr 50min; Layover Time: 0hr 40min; Total Trip

Time: 18hr 30min

OPTION 2: 29hr 10min via Chicago OHare (ORD) & Abu Dhabi

(AUH) [Cheaper Option]

DTW - ORD Etihad Airways Flt 3048 Dep 05:45pm 11Jun,Fri

Operated by American Airlines

ORD - AUH Etihad Airways Flt 150 Dep 08:30pm 11Jun,Fri

AUH - JNB Etihad Airways Flt 602 Dep 10:20pm 12Jun,Sat

Flight Duration: 23hr 40min; Layover Time: 5hr 30min; Total Trip

Time: 29hr 10min

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