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How long is the flight from London England to Auckland New Zealand?


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If you go via LA it takes 21.5 hours. 11.5 to get to LA then 10.5 hours to get to Auckland. == == Don't fly from London to Auckland via Los Angeles! Fly via Bangkok or Singapore. You'd save about 10 hours... * London LHR to Singapore on Singapore airlines 11hr 45min, 2hr 20min on the ground then Singapore to Auckland on Air NZ 9hr 40min. Equals 21hr 25min flying time 23hr 45min all up and the quickest time I've ever done it in. Unless your kids want to go to Disneyland my advice is avoid LAX like the plague. Always amongst the worlds less hospitable major airports and is worse since 9/11. Air New Zealand is about to add a second AKL-LHR service and will NOT be flying via LAX. The stopover will be either San Fransisco or Hong Kong.


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The distance between '''London, England and '''Auckland, New Zealand is '''11390 miles (18331 km).Flight time:'''''''''''''''''''''' == == == == London (LON) to Auckland (AKL) Shortest Flight Duration 24 hours 55 mins

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The flight from Auckland New Zealand to Sydney Australia is about 3 hours Then from Sydney Australia To London England is between 21.5 and 23 hours making the total flight time anywhere from 24.5 to 27 Hours.

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London (LON) to Auckland (AKL) Flight Duration 24 hours 55 mins

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London (LON) to Auckland (AKL) Shortest Flight Duration: 24 hours 55 mins DISTANCE FROM LONDON,EN,GB TO AUCKLAND,NZ 11390 MI/18330 KM

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The flight will take 22h 47min. I used the travel calculator online (TravelMath).

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