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How long is the flight from Melbourne to London?


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Melbourne (MEL) to London (LON)

Flight Duration 22 hours 55 minsDistance:

The distance between Melbourne, Australia and London, England is 10509 miles (16913 km).


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A flight from London to Melbourne is 21 hours

A flight from Melbourne, Australia to London, United Kingdom, via Singapore, takes about 22 hours 15 minutes. The flight distance from Melbourne to London is 1,500 miles.

The flight from Melbourne to Islamabad is 14 hours long.

The distance between London and Melbourne is 10509 miles (16913 km). Initial heading from London to Melbourne: east-northeast (74.1 degrees) Initial heading from Melbourne to London: northwest (310.6 degrees) Flight:London (LON) to Melbourne (MEL)Flight Duration 21 hours 25 minsMelbourne (MEL) to London (LON)Flight Duration 23 hours 20 mins

Flight:London (LON) to Hobart (HBA)Flight Duration * 24 hours 35 mins * Via Melbourne Airport, Melbourne (MEL)Distance:The distance between London, England and Hobart, Tasmania, Australia is 10597 miles (17054 km).

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A flight from Nairobi to Melbourne takes 14 hours.

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The flight form Melbourne to Launceston takes 33 minutes.

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A flight from Melbourne to Singapore would have a flying time of about 8 hours.

Melbourne to Hobart is about 1 hour.

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A flight from Melbourne, Australia to Mauritius is 10 hours and 59 minutes long. The distance covered by the flight would be 5,243 miles.

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