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How long is the flight from New York City to Oslo Norway?


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Depends on travel route. 6-11 hrs

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With Continental:From New York/Newark, NJ (EWR - Liberty) to Oslo, Norway (OSL): 7 hr 35 mnFrom Oslo, Norway (OSL) to New York/Newark, NJ (EWR - Liberty): 8 hr 55 mn

It is about 5,950 kilometers from New York, USA to Oslo, Norway.

There are no non-stop flight between BOS and OSL, but the non-stop flights from New York to Oslo takes roughly 6,5 - 7 hours. For flying to Oslo from Boston you need transfer in New York or some European cities such as Frankfurt, Germany or London, UK.

Oslo, a place in Norway is 6 hours ahead of New York in USA ,it means that when the time is 3 pm in New York then it would be 9 pm in Oslo of the same day

An average nonstop flight from New York City to an airport in Norway is about 7 hours and 14 minutes. This depends on the wind speeds, and is based on the average speed of an airliner, 500 mph.

Formynderne - 1978 was released on: Norway: 10 February 1978 (Oslo) USA: 7 November 1980 (New York City, New York)

I think its about 7-9hrs. dependent on the aircraft.

If you fly directly it will take about 7 hours, but you'll probably have to land somewhere and change plane, and then it can take anything from 9 to 16 hours.

Oman is a country in Asia. Oregon is a U.S. state. Oslo is the capital city in Norway. Orleans County is a county in both New York State and Vermont.

The flight from New York City is approximately 10 hours.

The distance between the above places is 3734 miles. This distance is point to point straight distance as seen on the map. The actual distance covered by a flight may vary according to the flight path chosen. Also this is not the airport to airport distance.

It depends where you're flying from, but from New York to Oslo Brussels Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, United, Aeroflot, British Airways, and SWISS are some of the airlines.

approximately 0 seconds from New York city

The flight from New York City to Phoenix Arizona is about 5 1/2 hours.

The flight time from New York, New York to Thailand is 17 hours, 9 minutes.

The flight time from New York, New York to Australia is:21 hours, 46 minutes

New York, NY (NYC) to Mexico City (MEX)Shortest Flight Duration 5 hours 1 mins

Akershus Fortress is a famous medieval castle in Oslo, Norway. Arthur Ashe Stadium is a famous tennis stadium in Flushing, New York.

From Phoenix to New York City, a flight is about 5 hours.

Voss was founded in Norway and has two headquarters which are located in Oslo and New York City. They offer the water in over 50 countries. The water is also known for its glass water bottle with the word Voss written across it.

New York, NY (NYC) to Guatemala City (GUA) Shortest Flight Duration 5 hours 8 mins

The flight time from San Juan to JFK (New York City) is 4 hours.

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