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A very long tape measure can be used.

A field hockey field [that isn't used as some other sports field: Football, Soccer, etc.] is typically 300 yards.

The type of measurement that is used to measure a soccer field is based on Law 1 of the Laws of the Games. These are codified rules that define the game of soccer.

A sledgehammer is long heavy hammer. Not sure what the hammer thrown at the Olympics is called, but a a javelin is a metal tipped spear used for field competitions at the Olympics.

5 structures can be: the soccer net the referee the players the soccer field and the soccer ball I hope it helped!

Vuvuzeles are the horns used in Africian soccer games and at the Olympics.

there is no green card used in soccer. However in field hockey a green triangle represents a warning.

For a 7-A-Side soccer field, the minimum dimensions are 25mX45m and the maximum dimensions are 30mX50m

The center mark on a soccer field is used to show where the ball is placed after a goal or at the start/resume of a game.

A soccer feild is the most commonly used field, 10000000000000km x 10000000000000000km

Usually. It depends on which college but a full sized soccer field is used from age 12 until professionals.

I do know it is 50meters long.

I used to play soccer so i know what too doo,, You need to try your best, even if your not on the field, On the field, its all about you, Off the field you can do whatever you want, but when you walk onto that field its game time no matter what, Just be yourself, Dont be a poser, Hope i could help!! Thanks,

The Chinese used the sport soccer for a military practice and training about a long time ago.. the modern soccer is more like t5he English soccer

an dome is bigger it is used for football and soccer. and an arena has a smaller field or court and it is used for basketball and hockey.

The answer depends on whether you wish to measure its length or area or some other characteristic.

Official soccer goals are 24 feet long, and 8 feet tall (7.32 meters long and 2.44 meters tall).

The parts of an oval track and field include the track and the field. The track is used for running short and long distances while the inside field is used for events such and long-jumping, pole vaulting, shot put, and high jumping.

A check of five dictionaries and Wiktionary shows that the word 'soccer' is a noun only, not an adjective. (I don't know who decides these things.)When a noun is used to describe another noun, such as soccer ball or soccer field, it's called an attributive noun.

Yes, hamstrings are used for soccer!

Soccer isn't used in Mathematics.