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Depends if he is on a rehab assignment which would mean that he wouldn't play very long, only a few games. If he is a minor leaguer trying to reach the majors he generally stays in the minors for a couple of years playing on various teams affiliated to the major league club (Rookie, Short season, Single A, Single A advanced, Double A, and Triple A) to develop into a big leaguer. It depends on the organization if they want to promote him.

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Usually, minors are not responsible contracts they may agree too, because they lack capacity to contract.

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no. minors must have parental supervision at all times in all areas of the hotel.

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Answer: Minors may be beneficiaries of a trust.

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At age 60-70 and then u will go to pension

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You must major in Biology. AKA you must be good in anything science related.

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This is copied and pasted from the official Serving It Right website: - Minors employed in food-primary establishments, or liquor-primary stadiums who are 16 or older may serve liquor but may not open bottles, pour or mix liquor. You must have adult staff supervising minors serving liquor.

Legal age for facial piercing in Florida? We comply with all the state laws on sterilization and on age requirements for minors. UNDER 18 MUST HAVE NOTARY RELEASE FORM. Any minors under the age of 17 must have a parent or legal guardian present when being pierced.

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If the minors are under 17, they must have both parents. If they are over 17 but not over 21, they just need the signature of the parent with Custoday over the minor.