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How long must a tow company keep personal belongings that were left in an impounded car after the lien sale date and how may they dispose of them?


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2015-07-15 19:26:48
2015-07-15 19:26:48

In MOST states, 60 days. Dispose?? Usually have to pay the waste company to cart it off. PP in the repo or wrecker biz is NOT a get rich quick deal.


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if you are divorced and your ex does not pick up belongings from your legal property, you should be able to dispose of them. Check with your attorney to be sure.

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Repossession companies must give you the opportunity to recover your personal belongings. That being said, they need not do so at the time of repossession. If they store your property for any length of time, the may charge a storage fee. They are not required to hold your property indefinitely either. If you make no attempt to recover you belongings, the repossession company will dispose of it after 30-45 days.

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No, because your belongings are YOURS. If the belongings were theirs being kept in your home / bedroom, then yes they can because the items are only being held in your vicinity. But something that is YOUR property belongs to you, and only you can make a decision about whether or not to dispose of it.

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In most states if there is evidence of abandonment of the property by the tenant, the landlord can reclaim the property without going to court. If the tenant owes money the landlord can sue in absentia (must use tenant's last known address) for unpaid money and damages if applicable. If he leaves personal belongings you can dispose of them as you see fit.

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Only a live person can award a POA. The courts cannot. Unless an Executor has already been named they might be able to give you the title of the estate's "personal representative" but the two of you cannot be in conflict and the Executor will dispose of the deceased's estate in accordance with the will and/or the court's order. Check with your local Probate Court.

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