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As long as you have a properly signed marriage license, you are legally married, there isn't a longevity requirement.

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Can you get married in another country and have your marriage recognized in the United States?

Your marriage will be recognized if it was a legal marriage and as long as it does not violate any laws in your new home.For example:A plural marriage would not be recognized in the US where you can only be married to one person at a time.A same sex marriage would be recognized by the state of Massachusetts because the state recognizes same sex marriage. However, it would not be recognized by the federal government nor in any state that does not recognize same sex marriage.

Is a Muslim marriage recognized in the US?

A Muslim marriage is generally recognized inside the US, as long as it is legal in the jurisdiction in which the marriage took place. A Muslim marriage is generally recognized inside the US, as long as it is legal in the jurisdiction in which the marriage took place.

If you get married in Mexico is it recognized in Illinois?

A valid marriage performed in Mexico is recognized in the United States as long as you have appropriate proof of said marriage. In Mexico there are two ceremonies, the religious and the civil marriage. Civil marriage is recognized in Mexico and worldwide, and requires that the couple provide the required documents such as birth certificate, blood tests, etc., at the time of the marriage.

Married in the Bahamas is it legal in Florida?

Yes, if a person got married in the Bahamas it is legal in the state of Florida. As long as all the paperwork was filed legally in the Bahamas, the marriage is legal anywhere in the world.

Is marriage outside of the Church recognized by the Catholic Church?

Yes as long as you were legally married. And if you were congratz!!! ---- If either party of the couples is a Catholic, then for the Catholic Church to officially recognize the marriage, the couple must have been married in the Catholic Church.

Do you have to be legally married to file taxes jointly?

Yes, your marriage has to be legally recognized, but some states have common law marriage where you're recognized as legally married without a marriage license. If you became legally married in a common law state, your marriage is recognized federally. It is also recognized by other states that don't have common law marriage if you move to another state after establishing a common law marriage. As long as your common law marriage remains valid and you haven't separated, you can file jointly for federal and state tax purposes. It appears that the following states have common law marriage laws: Alabama, Colorado, Kansas, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Iowa, Montana, Utah, and Texas (and the District of Columbia). If you established a relationship in one of these jurisdictions, you'll want to see if you have a legal marriage under the area's common laws.

Is it possible if a newly married Nepali man can also be married to a gay person if so so how long will I have to wait?

Any marriage recognized in the USA would prohibit entry into a gay or additional straight marriage. That would be polygamy and it's not legal in the USA.

What if kids get married?

Then they get married and they hopefully will have a long and lasting marriage.

Is my Albanian marriage legal in UK?

As long as you have the proper documentation from Albania your marriage will be legally recognized in England.

What are the conditions for Florida to recognize marriage in international waters?

Florida will recognize marriage in international waters as long as the ceremony was legally conducted.

What if you get married in another state then the one you live?

As long as the marriage is legally recognized in the state where it occurred it will be legal in any other US state. However, please be advised the legality of a same sex marriage is not applicable in all US states.

Are you legally married if you get married outside the us?

Of course, as long as it was a legal marriage where performed.

How long after you get a marriage license do you have to get married in Texas?

After getting the marriage license, you have to wait 3 days before you can get married, and after 30 days it will expire

Is my marriage legal if married in Jamaica and live in Georgia?

Yes, a marriage is legal if you are married in Jamaica and live in Georgia. Any marriage is legal as long as the proper paperwork was filed with the court.

What is information about Canadian legal marriage in Mexico?

Yes, as long as a civil marriage is performed. You can also add a religious component, but the marriage is not legally recognized unless it is a civil ceremony.

If you went to Mexico and married your boyfriend would it be legal when you came back to the US?

Yes. If your marriage was legally valid in the country you married in, AND you provide the legal paperwork showing this marriage was valid, AND the US doesn't consider the marriage "onerous", your marriage will be recognized by the US. "Onerous" in this case are sets of conditions that the US considers too severe to allow for the marriage to be recognized. Things like coersion into marriage, significantly underage partner, inability to give reasonable consent, bygamy/polygamy, incest, etc. The list is not long, and the US will recognized many marriages that no state would otherwise allow (e.g. allow 1st cousins to marry, allow two 17 year olds to marry without parental concent, etc.).

How long do you have to wait for a sim to propose marriage?

If your getting married to a neighbor, You can propose engagement and then propose the marriage.

How long was Andrew Johnson married?

49 years, from marriage to his death

Is an Islamic marriage performed in Pakistan recognized in the United States?

Yes. All states in the U.S. recognizes all legal marriages regardless of the country (or state) in which they were made. >>>>>>Yes, as long as the marriage is documented and you are only married to ONE wife. Bigamy and Polygamy are illegal in the US.

Can US Citizens Marry in Canada?

With the exception of same-sex marriages, as long as the requirements for a Canadian marriage license are met they can get married and the US will recognize the marriage.With same-sex couples the situation is more complicated. If you live in a state that recognizes same-sex marriage then your marriage will be recognized by your state government, but under the Defence of Marriage Act the US federal government (and many other state governments) will not recognize your marriage.

What is the definition of the word marriage?

The definition of the word marriage is the union of man and woman, recognized by the law. In which they become husband and wife for however long the period lasts.

How long before you are common law married in Tennessee?

A marriage is considered common law after 7 years, but the disadvantage of a common law marriage is that you are not protected under the laws of a marriage that comes with getting married. It is smarter to get married and have the protection of laws of inheritance, support, retirement, and credit that comes with marriage.

In Texas how long do you have to wait to get married after getting a marriage license?

72 hours

How long after you get a marriage license do you have to get married in Pennsylvania?

It's valid for 60 days.

Is marriage valid in US if married in Costa Rica?

Yes,as long as their is a certificate.

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