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There aren't any specifics on whether or not working out after eating is good or bad. However there is always a chance of getting cramps if you have a big meal before.

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Q: How long should I wait before I can workout after eating my breakfast or lunch?
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What pre workout meal affect energy levels before a workout?

You should always eating a light and nutritious pre-workout snack before you start your routine. Lance Armstrong has a website that should answer your questions about pre-workout meals:

Is morning or evening workout better for a beginner?

When you wake up, you should do a quick 20 minute workout, and then eat. Typically, you should eat breakfast no more than 30 minutes after waking up, and working out before breakfast is the best. You can always stick in some walking/jogging during the day, but then really workout again in the late afternoon. There is nothing that suggest this effect sleeping; there is even study to suggest it helps sleeping.

Why should athletes have breakfast?

Everyone, even dieters, should have a breakfast, though the recommended amounts and menu will not be the same in all cases. Eating breakfast helps you in many ways.

Why is it bad to not eat breakfast before school?

Because you will end up eating more for lunch and your stomach will start eating away at its self and it will slow down your metabolism. Also, without the added energy from breakfast, your brain will not function as well as it should during the morning hours.

Is Pasta good before a workout?

Eating pasta, or any other form of 'carbo loading', immediately before a workout does little or nothing to increase the amount of glycogen that you burn for energy during a workout. Eating a large meal immediately before a workout actually can have an adverse affect as your body is dedicating much of its blood and energy to digestion. A small snack 60-90 minutes before a workout is all you really need. If this a routine weight lifting or running workout you should focus on eating healthy, well-balanced meals throughout the week to increase your performance during your workouts. Studies have shown that even eating a large pasta meal the night before an athletic event like a 5K, 10K or triathlon does little in terms of increasing energy levels during a workout. If you are preparing for an event such as these, the best way to go about building your glycogen stores is by eating meals rich in good carbohydrates - whole wheat pasta and grains - in the days leading up to the event. Then the day before and day of the event you can 'top off' your glycogen stores with something like a bagel or whole wheat toast. After any workout, no matter the intensity, be sure to get plenty of protein and carbs to replenish energy lost and muscles broken down during the workout.

What should you take before a workout so you can get stronger?

You should take 15 minutes to properly stretch before a workout. Failure to stretch properly can result in injury, and can also limit the size and strength benefits of the workout.

Is eating breakfast good or bad?

It is really GooD!...It is the main course that you should have everyday.

Should you eat breakfast before or after doing an abdominal morning workout on an empty stomach?

I usually work out on an empty stomach to maximize calorie loss. However, if you really want to eat, then eat something light (a yogurt, some nuts, etc.). You don't want to pass out during a workout.

Should you take a morning medication prior to breakfast?

Some medications should be taken before eating, some during, and some after. Ask your health care provider or pharmacist for advice specific to your medication,.

Can you eat a meal before or after working out?

You should eat a Meal before you start your workout and after

Should you eat before weight trianing?

It is not mandatory but having a small meal before a workout doesnt hurt. It will give you the energy that you might require for a good workout. Remember not to have a full stomach meal before a workout as it is not recommended.

'When should whey protein be taken throughout the day Before or after eating and with how much time between eating food and drinking whey'?

Generally before or after a workout. But it could also be beneficial when you wake up and your body is calling for food, especially protein. Or before your goto bed to keep your body fueled throughout the night.