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In my experience I have seen adults living together for years and years get married, only to be divorced, and they waited a long time. what I would recomend is to look at your relationship and see if marriage is right for both of you. If you know how to communicate problems calmy and effectively with each other and keep passion, then it is not necessary to wait. Many couples just break under the pressure of being bonded to each other in such a manner-(that's why they fail)But when ones in his or her 30's or 40's he or she can tell if marriage is right. So basically if you and your mate know it what you want., then go for, it AnswerThe only thing different from living together to getting married is commiting under the eyes of God (if you believe in this) and a legal piece of paper. There is absolutely no reason why a couple living together for years should end up divorced and if they do then it's all in their heads. Ask youself the important question, "What would change from our relationship now to simply getting married." The answer is simple "nothing!" It would be one or both of you that would change things over the fact you are married. I go for commitment every single time and what better way can you express your love for each other then to say your vows (whether you make up the vows yourself or have a minister, priest do it.)

My boyfriend at the time lived quit aways from me so he would live with me on the weekends. After 5 years it bothered me that he couldn't seem to commit so I said some magic words, "You aren't getting this cow for free without buying the milk." In other words I have my own set of standards for myself and feel if someone loves me enough they would want to marry after going together for a couple of years. If not, then hit the road jack! I am happy to say we did get engaged, married and just celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary.

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Getting engaged but not getting married ever is that normal bad good different?

The normal practice for people who get engaged is to set a date for the marriage; that's really what engagement means. It is not intended to be a permanent condition. But if you are engaged long enough and if you live together as if you were already married, then what you actually have is a common law marriage. If, however, you are engaged but not living together, and the engagement has no set duration, then it is a fraud. You are not really engaged. Stop pretending.

Can a minor get engaged?

Nothing illegal about getting engaged. Just be careful about consummating the marriage before it happens!

Is Marina Orlova engaged for marriage?

No, she tweeted on July 24, 2010 at 5:38 AM, "No I am not getting married."

Should you live together before marriage?

You are getting married, living together before the marriage is just taking the thrill and excitement out. Better get married first then live together.

When is it getting serious with a girl?

When you begin to discuss marriage and a family together...

What age can you become engaged?

You can become engaged at any age, but legally in most states the age of consensual marriage is 18. Though I don't reccomend getting engaged if you're very young. Nobody will take you seriously.

Is living together before getting married better for the marriage?

The numbers indicate NO!

Is Matt bellamy getting married to Kate Hudson?

They got engaged in April 2011 and whether this leads to a marriage or not is anyone's guess.

Can you get engaged to someone whilst separated from wife for 5 years?

Getting engaged is a promise of marriage but I don't think it's illegal. Even so- Do the right thing for your new partner and get yourself a divorce!!.

Are Kristen and Rob really split?

Rob and Kristen are still together and still engaged and still getting married. Also the magazine that posted that headline on the front cover probably just wanted more publicity. i agree. magazinez are total gossipers!They are together, but are not getting married and are NOT engaged

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Yes they're are engaged and soon getting married

Why do people get engaged?

Why engaged?Isn't that obvious? To get to know each other! For the more you know about your partner, the greater the chances for a successful marriage. This is the time to find out whether you are alike in the way you look at things. This is important, for the more you are alike, the better the chance for a successful marriage.Read more on marriage in book # 2 and # 7 in my references on my Bio Page.Spending their lives togetherPeople get engaged because they already know each other, and know they want to spend their lives together, yes they will learn more about that person during that time, but over time you get to know everybody more the longer you know them. That's not why people get engaged though, they get engaged because they love each otherAnswerGetting engaged is a way of pledging or promising to be married to someone. Some sixty or more years ago when I was of marrying age, if I broke off the engagement I could be taken to court by the lady and punished for what was called Breach of Promise. There was either a fine involved and the lady could keep the engagement ring.

Is it legal for a 17 year old to be engaged to an 18 year old?

Why wouldn't it be? There are no laws about who can be engaged to whom. There are laws about sexual contact and getting married, but not getting engaged.

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What is the main cause of cheating?

lack of time together, you flirting with others and other women getting involved with you marriage/relationship

Is Janine Wilson And Chris Evans getting married?

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Is it possible to get engaged before you're eighteen?

Yes, there is no age limitation to getting engaged.

How do you get married on sims 2?

fall in love with another sim, man or woman, and have them get engaged.after getting engaged there'll be a "Marriage" option under the propose that you used to get engaged.if you've thrown a wedding party it's best to buy the wedding arch under misc.>party section in buy mode and just click it and get married.

Is it neccassary to live together?

If you are talking about a boyfriend/girlfriend, then no it is not necessary to live together. It is actually better not to have a live in boyfriend or girlfriend. Statistically couples that live together before marriage have a higher chance of getting divorced.

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Comparing astronomical signs when thinking of marriage is the last thing you should do. If the relationship works and you are both ready for marriage, then try getting engage, maybe move in together and see how things go.

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