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How long should a head gasket last in the engine of a car before replacing it?


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2015-07-15 19:31:59
2015-07-15 19:31:59

My 1971 chev truck has 319,000 miles on it & the heads have never been off - If U don't overheat the engine & KEEP the oil changed U shouldn't have a head gasket problem.* keep antifreeze & water pump lube in the radiator.


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A head gasket does not wear out and there is no specific reason for replacing one unless it fails. Usually, head gasket failure is related to engine overheating that causes the heads to warp. Thank you, but it's not the head gasket that has broken. I had the seal replaced last year because it was cracked/leaking and leaking oil. And now the garage says it needs replacing again. Should it been leaking again so soon (after 13,000 miles)?

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The four cylinder Fiero engine has a bad problem with cracking the cylinder head. If the gasket is bad it is likely the head will need an expensive repair. If the car has the V6 engine it is possible to just replace the gasket The real question is how good was the engine before the gasket failed? Should it be rebuilt or was it not burning oil and in good condition before the failure. Did the gasket failure cause any damage to the engine?

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As far as I know, it should have a gasket. Make sure to use gasket sealer as well when replacing it.

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No, not if it was done correctly and the engine has not overheated. Overheating is the main cause of a blown head gasket.

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I know the head gasket on my 1992 sunbird has been replaced, don't know all the details because I didn't do it myself.. but i would try replacing it and see if you can't get more miles out of that engine! its a whole lot easier than replacing the whole thing because we did the cavalier version and it was a pain in the rear to switch out.. id suggest just replacing the gasket. the same thing happened to me just before Christmas and i had the heads and cam looked at for knicks and warpage. Then just reconditioned/refurbished them, relatively cheap minus labor. replacing hoses and radiator gasket just below radiator cap and she's been good ever since.

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