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When you create your auction on eBay, be sure to include how long a buyer has to pay. If they do not pay within this time frame, send another invoice with a reminder note.

Buyers can pay sellers almost immediately through PayPal so theoretically the seller can receive payment within seconds of the auction ending, but in most cases, it takes 24-48 hours for the buyer to pay the seller. You will always have the exceptions where buyers take longer to pay, though.

Once the buyer has clicked on the "pay now" button, the transaction is usually be almost instananeous, but if the payment method is by e-check, it can take several days before the seller receives cleared payment into their PayPal account.


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Q: How long should eBay transactions take when using PayPal?
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When does PayPal pay me on eBay?

Paypal does not pay. they doing only transactions.

How do you find a Ebay agent to handle your transactions?

You can contact ebay via internet. You can handle transactions via paypal.

How do you sell on PayPal?

You don't sell on PayPal you use paypal to complete financial transactions. Paypal is how someone pays for the item they bought from you on Ebay.

Is PayPal a reliable credit card processor?

Yes. PayPal is now owned by ebay and is a part of an SEC-regulated, publicly traded corporation. Using paypal can provide an additional layer of security for internet transactions.

Do you have to pay with PayPal for eBay?

Yes. If you are selling items on ebay, you use paypal, to pay your fees on ebay. This is a safer way to pay ebay, using paypal.

Does Paypal fraud often happen through eBay?

Due to an incredibly large number of transactions overall, Paypal fraud does often happen through eBay. Paypal fraud on eBay occurs frequently through fake buyer and seller email communication scams.

How DO eBay online payment processing system?

This is a online shopping site. They use paypal for transactions.

How do you buy items on eBay using paypal?

Firstly you have to already have a PayPal account. You have to link your PayPal account to your Ebay account. It should tell you how to do this on Ebay under My Account. Then when you click to buy an item, it will take you automatically through to pay via yoor PayPal account. When you want to sell an item and get paid via PayPal, on the create your listin page about half way down it says "decide how you would like to be paid". Tick the PayPal box and add the email address that is registered to your PayPal account.

Where are your eBay funds?

You decide where you want your eBay funds to go. You are required to open a PayPal account so you can get paid through them. PayPal is very reliable, I have used them for 10 years with no problems. When you list an auction you can choose how you want to get paid. Check, money order, PayPal. PayPal is so easy and all your reports are generated through eBay too so you can keep track. You can see in an instant in your PayPal account all your transactions, dates.

Can you pay for eBay items with PayPal without a bank account?

You can set up a PayPal account using a credit card.

Where can buy shares by PayPal?

PayPal is actually by the Internet giant eBay. eBay is traded on the NASDAQ. Buying eBay stock is almost the same as buying PayPal.

Do eBay accept credit cards?

You can use credit card to buy items on eBay by using their PayPal service.

How do you collect money from a sold item on eBay using paypal?

Go to your "My eBay" go to your sold items, send the buyer a eBay invoice.

Is it possible to pay for an eBay purchase using my credit card to make the payment through PayPal - even if I don't have a PayPal account?

Yes, it is possible to pay through PayPal using a credit card even if you don't have a PayPal account. For your eBay purchase, use the Pay Now button that you see on your "My eBay" summary page and select PayPal as your method of payment. As you go through the checkout, you will have the opportunity to enter your card details (if you had a PayPal account, all that you would have to do at this stage would be to log in with your PP account details and then confirm the payment).

Is there any charge for using a credit card to pay through PayPal on eBay?

No, there is no charge.

What are some eBay and PayPal coupon codes for 2009?

The codes from eBay and PayPal are not publicly issued in advance.

What is the ticker symbol for PayPal?

PayPal is a subsidiary of eBay Inc. and as such has no publicly-traded stock. The ticker symbol for eBay Inc. is EBAY. It is traded on the Nasdaq.

Where do you send packages when someone buys something on eBay?

If the buyer pays with PayPal the seller should always send the item to the address that PayPal supply. If the buyer wants their purchase sent to an address other than the one that they have registered with PayPal they should add that alternative address in their PayPal account as a "guest" address. If the buyer is paying by means other than PayPal the seller should send to the address supplied by eBay. Whichever address the seller ships to, they should always strongly consider using an online trackable service to best protect themself against an "item not received" claim.

Can you buy minecraft through eBay?

No, you don't need to anyway. You buy it using Paypal or a card at its website.

How do you pay for items that you buy on eBay without using PayPal?

You would have to purchase from a seller that accepts alternative methods of payment. Some sellers only accept Paypal only.

Is it possible to earn PayPal money?

You earn Paypal money from a site that uses Paypal, like eBay auctions

Do you need a PayPal to sell items on eBay?

yes. you need a paypal account

Do you have to pay extra fees when you win a bid on eBay using PayPal?

No. Some sellers tell you that you have to pay them extra if you want to pay for your item with PayPal, but they cannot add a "surcharge" in that way. It's not allowed by the PayPal User Agreement.

How do you buy on eBay?

the best way to start buying on eBay is simple. set up a Paypal account. Link your checking account to the Paypal account. then set up your eBay account. the paypal account is the simplest way to keep track of your money and your purchases. I use paypal and its very easy to use.

How do you receive money from eBay?