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The vehicle doesnt really matter...its the quality of the break pads that you buy.

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Disc Brakes?

form_title= Disc Brakes form_header= Repair or install disc brakes. Do you need new brake pads?*= () Yes () No What is your budget for disc brakes?*= _ [50] When were your brakes last checked?*= _ [50]

How have auto brakes evolved in last 100 years?

They started off as drum brakes. They worked but they were bulky and not as effective. Now we use disc brakes which are slim and far more effective.

How often should rear disc brakes be changed?

Rear pads usually last about 100,000 kms. Inspect them at least once a year and check pad wear and freedom of emergency brake.

When you replace your front brake pads should you also replace your rears?

Usually the rear pads or brake shoes depending on whether or not the back brakes are disc or drum brakes will last 2 times longer the the front brakes. 75% of your braking is done by the front brakes. For example, if you have 60,000 miles and your front pads need to be replaced the rear ones will only be about 1/2 worn out.

How long should brakes last on a new car?

depends how long you use them

How long should brakes last on 2001 Pontiac Sunfire?

assuming that it was serviced properly,youre brakes should last around 2 years under easy driving conditions ( you dont drive the crap out of it). 2 years

How often should drum brakes be replaced?

It depends. High quality brakes can last a very long time if you drive your car properly and do not rabbit drive. If they are squeaking, you should have them checked out.

How long will my Honda Civic brakes last ?

You should replace your brakes almost every 100,00 miles. Many cars will let you know it is time to get your brakes replaced. If you are worried, I would have a mechanic look at it.

Should I replace the BMW brake rotors when I get the brakes fixed?

There is no need to spend the money if it doesn't need done. Typically your rotors last longer than your brakes do anyway, so you should be fine for a while.

Does a 751 bobcat with a Peugeot engine have an oil cooler?

No, I change last week an Engine (Peugeot XUD9) at a Bobcat.

How many kilometers do brakes last?

A very detailed answer is needed So the brakes on my Motocross bike last about 500 km The brakes on my Pick up that I use to carry my motorcycle last about 100,000 km It depends on how fast you are going.....

How do you change the brakes and rotors on a 1997 Toyota Camry 4 cylinder?

Doesn't anyone believe in going to the library to look at a manual? There is a difference between rear drum brakes and front disc brakes. If you didn't wait until the brakes are down to the steel backing plates, why would you need to replace the rotors? Even if they have normal wear they don't need to be replaced - they don't even need to be turned. Disc brakes are a piece of cake - use a big screwdriver to push the caliper pistons back (make sure you didn't add brake fluid as the level dropped because it may overflow when you push back the piston), take out a couple of bolts to pull off the caliper, knock out the retaining pins, pull out the old pads - put in the new pads... and 15 minutes later, you're done. Back drum brakes should be good for about 100K... they're a pain to change if you don't have the tools (worse case a visegrip works) and should cost three times as much, but everyone makes a big deal out of disc brakes and charges whatever they can get away with. Very good advise above. On the disc, use ceramics (won't squeal, last longer) and do not lose the seemingly useless small V-shaped wire tension clips if they are included in the assembly.

What brakes need to be changed more regularly with 2005 Toyota Corolla?

Unusual question. The 2005 Toyota Corolla has disc brakes up from and brake shoes in the rear. The break pads, (in the front), usually last approximately 30,000 miles. However this is not set in concrete. Brake replacement varies according to use, driving conditions and individual driver habits. People that drive with their left foot on the brake pedal, (and some do), will go through brakes faster. If the vehicle is used to deliver newspapers to homes will go through brakes very fast. When you do change your front brakes, be sure and use genuine Toyota Brake Pads. Most after market pads squeel and are often made of inferior material. Secondly, be sure and have the rotors trued in the process. Rear brakes. The rear brakes will often last 60,000 miles or longer. The reason? The front brakes do 70 percent of the stopping so the rear brakes last longer. The rear brakes should be adjusted every 7500 to 10000 miles and should not be an expensive service. $30.00 to $50.00 and you will get a front and rear cleaning in the process. Hope this helped. Chuck 25 year retired Toyota service manager.

Rear brakes on 1998 range rover locked on is this ABS fault?

Well you should check your Brakes always and maybe you burned the ABS wire or the Disck brakes maybey there is a Oval problem so yoe must change it coz its not SAFE to Drive it ,and the last thing it may its happens you should gauge it ,

How do you repair the cigarette lighter on a Peugeot 306?

Trade it in for a Volvo. Or a BMW. Or a Ford. Anything but a Peugeot. I guarantee you this will not be the last thing you fix.

Are ceramic car brakes better than traditional car brakes?

Yes the ceramic brakes are in fact better than the regular brakes. They are of a higher quality and will last much longer then the other brakes.

How long do Brakes last on Dodge Neon?

That will depend on many factors including driving habits. The brakes could last 30,000 - 150,000 miles.

How do you get smudges off a wii disk?

First you must find a cloth or cotton ball Next you must damp it with a little water Then clean the disc NOT IN A CIRCLE MOTION Last make sure the disc is completely dry and then insert it If it does not work you should replace the disc

How long do VW Golf brakes last?

Brake pads should last approximately 50,000 miles. The life of a brake pad is dependent upon the driver and the driving conditions.

How many times a year should I have the brakes on my auto checked out?

Unless you have an inclination as to your brakes wearing, pulsating, chattering audibly, squealing progressively worse or fading once a year should be sufficient to abate your worries. Good brakes last years, depending on brake lining hardness vs hardness of the brake rotor or drum..

How often should brakes be changed?

If you're talking front ones, and they were installed properly and the system doesn't develop other problems to cause premature wear, and also depending if you're talking city or highway driving, not to mention what quality of parts were installed, I would expect about 35,000. If you have rear drum brakes and you keep them adjusted every 12,000 miles your fronts may last longer. If we are talking rear shoes I would expect 75,000 miles, rear disc brakes about 50,000 miles

What is done during bulging disc surgery?

During surgery to repair a bulging disc, the surgeon may remove part of the bulging disc that may or may not give relief to the patient. This surgery should be considered a last resort, as oftentimes the bulging disc can be relieved with rest, or exercise or other non-surgical options.

Ford F150 Brakes?

form_title= Ford F150 Brakes form_header= Drive safely with new brakes. When was the last time your brakes have been replaced?*= _ [50] Have you noticed any issues?*= () Yes () No Do you have to press hard on the brakes?*= () Yes () No

When was the first Peugeot 406 car made?

The first Peugeot 406 was made in 1995. It was made by a the French Automaker Peugot to be a family vehicle. The 406 was last made in 2003 and then was replaced with the Peugeot 407 model.

Is it necessary to pump up the brakes in cars to make them last longer?

Pumping gently will reduce friction, produce less heat and help the brakes last a little longer. This procedure is not recommended if you have a truck with air operated brakes.