How long should you carry insurance to protect your children?

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You should carry insurance on your children until they are old enough to get insurance on their own. This is usually when your child graduates college. As long as your child is a full-time student and one of your dependents, then you should be able to carry insurance on them.

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Q: How long should you carry insurance to protect your children?
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Why should you protect children in the family?

Because they are you family dumb a s s they are going to carry on you legacy

Should Painting Contractors be licensed and carry Insurance?

Yes, painting contractors should be licensed and carry insurance to protect both themselves and their clients. By having a license, they show that they are competent to do the job and also take pride in their profession. By having insurance, they are protecting themselves and the client from undue harm and damages should an accident occur.

Should most factories carry pollution liability insurance?

yes most factories should protect themselves with any kind of insurance even pollution liability insurance. If they ever get sued they wont legally be upheld for any kind of medical damages.

Why should I or shouldn't I get travel insurance?

Travel insurance is a good thing to have if you go on vacation with family regularly. Travel insurance will protect whatever your luggage was worth if it has been lost. This may be helpful if you carry things such as jewelry.

What kind of insurance should you ask your tenant to carry?

Renters insurance .

The Many Purposes of Auto Insurance?

Auto insurance serves many purposes. It protects other people should you cause an accident. Your liability insurance would, in most states, pay for the damages to their property and their medical bills. However, it is also intended to protect you. Collision insurance would pay to repair the damages to your car in an accident. Comprehensive coverage is designed to protect you from other events such as vandalism and theft. Finally, insurance is designed to protect your other assets should there be a lawsuit. You should ideally carry levels high enough to protect all of your assets in the event that you are sued after an accident.

Is your insurance valid if you carry 5 passengers?

It should be.

What type of insurance do you need to carry school children in your car?

If they're your own children - your ordinary car insurance will cover them. If they're someone else's children, strictly speaking - you need 'public liability' insurance.

Do you need a license to become a babysitter in NJ?

NO, but you should be first aid or cpr certified and carry some kind of insurance to protect yourself and the assets your own. Or join a sitting agency who carries the insurance and does a background check on you.

Are required to have homeowners insurance on just a credit line?

You will be required to carry insurance to protect any collateral for a loan, no matter how much the amount of the loan.

Should your spouse and you both carry health insurance?

You should both be insured. If you each carry insurance on the other (say at work), then you will be paying the premiums of course, but one will always be primary.

Must-Have Insurance For DJ's?

For anyone interested in music and entertaining, becoming a DJ could be a good idea.� When running your business as a DJ, you will need to carry some insurance to protect yourself and your business. � One type of insurance that you will need to cover is liability insurance.� When you are a DJ, you will likely be in an environment at times where people are intoxicated and could accidentally trip over cords or knock down a speaker.� Since this could lead to a significant injury, you should carry a liability insurance policy that will protect you in the event that you are sued over the injury.

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