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It depends on your doctors advice. Usually three months before trying to conceive again. If you had a molar pregnancy you should be having regular checkups to ensure that all the prregnancy hormone has gone. As Trisha said you should wait until the doctor tells you it is all right to conceive again. According to the website this may be 6 to 12 months. it is mis-spelled above, try "molar pregnancy" if you Google that, you will easily find your answer.

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Q: How long should you wait after a molar pregnancy to try to conceive again?
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If you had a molar pregnancy before could you still have kids?

I had a molar pregnancy and my doctor recommended to wait at least one year to try again. Then I had a miscarriage and after that, I had two more kids.

Can ultrasound differentiate molar pregnancy and fibroid?

Yes it can!

What is the cpt code for dilation and curettage of a molar pregnancy?


Why shouldn't you use an IUD after a molar pregnancy?

risk of uterine perforation

What if you have a very small empty gestational sac at 6 weeks and 2500 hcg?

It is possible that you may have a molar pregnancy. You should see your doctor for more information.

What causes Beta HCG Levels to rise?

molar , twin as well as ectopic pregnancy

What is a partial molar pregnancy?

A molar pregnancy occurs when instead of a baby forming inside of your uterus, basically a cluster of just tissue forms due to a genetic error. A partial molar pregnancy occurs when part of the cell is a healthy embryo and part of it contains abnormal cells. This can also occur (but is rare) with twins when one is a healthy embryo and other is a mole. Usually the mole ends up overtaking the healthy embryo.

How to treat an ectopic pregnancy?

I don't think an ectopic pregnancy can be treated, the same goes with a molar pregnancy, im sure they would both have to be removed. Go see your doctor. Hope this helps.

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