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when the person seds you a message you answer right awa=]

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โˆ™ 2007-10-25 23:29:58
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Q: How long should you wait before emailing someone back?
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I lost my acc on robux :(?

try emailing the company and you can prob get them back

What should i do when i love the person who's in love with me before and not anymore?

Try and find someone else that you can love that will love you back.

What are vanessa hudgens favorite things?

they are emailing her friend and her email is you should try to email her she is very, very nice and she will email you back.

Should you get with someone if they like you?

only if you like them back

How do you find out if someone has a Yahoo account?

Ask them. Or if you suspect a username, you can try emailing to that address and seeing whether or not it bounces back. Finally, you could perhaps try searching on

What should i have ingraved on the back of my iPod?

You should always put your name on the back so if someone finds it they can return it to you

What if someone punch you?

If someone punches you, you should be able to punch them back for self-defence.

What if your true love is dating someone else behind your back?

Hmm then we have a problem you see if your boyfriend/girlfriend dating someone behind your back and saying there not well thats called cheating so I think you should break it off before he/she does.

What should you do when you like someone but they dont like you back?

Try to get them to like you back or move on

What should you do if someone bites you?

bite them back?...this is a strange question

what should i do if someone hates me?

Hate them back.

What should be learned from loving?

you should learn that when you love someone, you have to wait for them to love you back.

Is it cheating if boyfriend is emailing women behind your back?

if the emails are of a sexual nature then i would consider it cheating

Answering all questions in a business email to which you're replying helps to avoid?

back and forth emailing

How should someone make the decision of going back to their ex boyfriend or not?

you should figure out if they are really worth it, or if you just want someone special to be in your life. If you regret it, and you know that you made a mistake, then you should go back with them.

How soon should you go out with someone new after a major breakup?

You should get into action soon but not too soon you will become depressed for a while you should wait that out then try to hop back into action before you get even more depsresed

Should you move on when you know she will want you back she has come back before?

No love her forever!!!

What should you do if you like someone but you don't think they like you back?

move on

What if you like someone and they like you back?

Then you should consider yourself fortunate.

What should you do when you kiss someone but they don't kiss you back?

dont do it again

Should i get back together with my boyfriend?


What should you not do if someone faints?

Get a wet towel and place it on the person's forehead. you should not pat them on the back.

What happens if someone hits you with a wii remote?

The remote should break and you should hit them back.

What do you do when you like someone but they will never like you back?

You should find someone who likes you for you and if they don't then they are not good enough for you.

Should you call someone back that hangs up on you?

I can't say what other people should do but I will not call someone back who hangs up on me because I think hanging up on someone is a juvenile way of ending a conversation. If someone is too angry to continue a conversation with me they should just tell me that and we can pick it back up later. That is how a mature adult handles it.