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How long should you wait before emailing someone back?


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2007-10-25 23:29:58
2007-10-25 23:29:58

when the person seds you a message you answer right awa=]


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Try and find someone else that you can love that will love you back.

they are emailing her friend and her email is you should try to email her she is very, very nice and she will email you back.

Ask them. Or if you suspect a username, you can try emailing to that address and seeing whether or not it bounces back. Finally, you could perhaps try searching on

Hmm then we have a problem you see if your boyfriend/girlfriend dating someone behind your back and saying there not well thats called cheating so I think you should break it off before he/she does.

You should always put your name on the back so if someone finds it they can return it to you

you should figure out if they are really worth it, or if you just want someone special to be in your life. If you regret it, and you know that you made a mistake, then you should go back with them.

bite them back?...this is a strange question

you should learn that when you love someone, you have to wait for them to love you back.

You should get into action soon but not too soon you will become depressed for a while you should wait that out then try to hop back into action before you get even more depsresed

if the emails are of a sexual nature then i would consider it cheating

you should try and talk to them before openly admitting you like them. try and find out if they like you back before you make any serious moves, hope this helps :D

The remote should break and you should hit them back.

You should find someone who likes you for you and if they don't then they are not good enough for you.

Then you should consider yourself fortunate.

you could try emailing support about it, but it's probably gone.


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Of course it is! Smile at someone and they (should) smile back!

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