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Don't wait because with eratic periods you could go a very long time without knowing your pregnant, And you need to get prenatal care and get on prenatal vitamins. It can be especially dangerous not knowing if you're pregnant if you drink or do drugs. Even if you don't do it heavily, the begining stages of pregnancy are the most crucial. So if you suspect it, take it seriously.

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Can a woman get pregnant after two weeks before her periods and have headaches instade of periods?

yes,ovulation can occur at any point in your cycle. Headaches are a common symptom of pregnancy. If you feel you may be pregnant you should take a home pregnancy test and/or see your doctor.

If you are still having periods will your pregnancy show up on test?

It should do

Is missing periods a sign of pregnancy?

Yes it is the main sign of pregnancy, so if there is a chance that you could be pregnant, you should take a pregnancy test.

If don't have any more periods can you get pregnant?

It is not likely. Although the periods, really don't matter. It is the ovulation that is necessary for pregnancy. But it is not likely that you are ovulating if you are not having periods. You should consult your doctor for reasons of not having a period and you can discuss your pregnancy options there.

When should you take a pregnancy test if your periods are not regular?

whenever you think you may be pregnant.

Should your period come after implantation?

no not normally, although periods during pregnancy does happen.

You have missed about 5 periods but not had any symptoms of pregnancy whats up with that?

Well first of all you should take a test! Some women do experience periods during pregnancy. Women have gone up to seven months of pregnancy before finding out! Second of al, if you are not your doctor right away. It is probably not a good sign unless you are on a birth control that only gives you just a couple periods a year.

Should you wear panty liners before you begin your period?

Yes. If you tend to have irregular periods and you are not sure when your periods will occur or if you tend to have discharge before your periods.

Your friend hasn't had her periods in 3 months what does this mean?

That she should go to the doctor and get a pregnancy test.

Why would you have four five-day periods in four weeks if there is no chance of pregnancy?

I don't think these are periods and you should definitely go to your doctor.

How can you tell menopause from pregnancy?

To know the difference, you should take a pregnancy test. If you haven't had sex for a while but are skipping periods, and you are over 35, it very well could be perimenopause or full-blown menopause. If you are sexually active, you should take a pregnancy test. It might also be early stages of menopause, but if you are still having ANY periods, there is still the chance of pregnancy.

Your period is 11 days late you have some early pregnancy signs but several neg pregnancy tests periods are irregular don't know whenif you ovulated could you be pregnant?

Not likely. As long as your pregnancy test was not expired, and you performed it correctly, if you are pregnant, it will be positive. My first pregnancy test was positive BEFORE my period was late. See your doctor regarding your irregular periods if it concerns you. No rush.make sureNever trust home pregnancy tests you should see a doc.

How late can your periods be if you are worried?

Up to a month late... then you should go get a pregnancy/ egg count test...

Should a girl kiss a guy before periods or after?


When should one expect pregnancy?

you should expect pregnancy when you've had sex between periods without protection. Or if you mean when should you expect yourself to be ready for a child, then between the ages of 23 and 37 are the best times.

What should a girl do if she had a sex and during sex they used condom but she does not has her periods?

A condom reduces the chance of a pregnancy; but a pregnancy is still possible. For example, the condom might break, or leak. If you suspect there is a pregnancy, you may want to do a pregnancy test.

I have had 3 missed periods and 3 negative tests what should i do am i pregnant?

go to your doctor and get a blood pregnancy test

Can you take a pregnancy test before a miss period?

no u can not take a pregnancy test before a miss period it should be after a missed period

You had your period for half a day and then it stopped Why?

There are a few reasons as to why you had your period for half a day and then it stopped. If your periods are just starting, it is normal for them to be irregular for a while. If you have irregular periods or are on hormonal birth control, this can also affect your periods. Lastly, if pregnancy could be possible, you should take a pregnancy test to rule that out as soon as possible.

What if a girl have her periods thrice in a month?

If they were regular before this incident they should probably go to the doctor but if they are new to having periods it could just be they have irregular periods!

It has been 8 weeks since your last period Are you pregnant?

Maybe. Missed, irregular or late periods do not always indicate pregnancy, but if you are wondering, you should have a pregnancy test performed.

Can women be pregnant if periods cycle is not normal?

Yes actually it can be. Skipped or missed periods are one of the major signs of pregnancy. You should have some tests done just to be sure though.

Can allergex be given in pregnancy?

You should talk to your Dr before taking any type of medication during pregnancy.

How long should you wait to take a pregnancy test if you dont have your periods for like 5 months because of irregularity?

Now as you have a history of irregular periods you must see if you had unprotected sex in the past five months. then you should have it early.

Can you have 2 positive pregnancy tests and still have a period in early pregnancy?

Sometimes it is commen for women to have periods during pregnancy. But, any kind of bleeding during a pregnancy should be reported to your doctor so they can check just in case to make sure that there was no miscarriage.