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It all depends on the situation. If he's worth it, be very careful and play your cards right. If your serious about getting someone back, you have to give it the time/space and attention it needs. Think it out first so you don't do anything dumb. Don't rush it, don't badger him and don't plead, it's very unattractive and needy. I am in the same situation and I know it's going to probably take 2 years before I can approach it again. He's Mr. Right for me though so I am willing to do what I have too for now and will try again when the time is right. My guy needed his space, space to sow his wild oats or he wouldn't be good for me or anyone else for that matter until he did. He married the only woman he ever dated so I was the first one after his 18 year relationship/marriage with her. He says he still loves me and that he can't weigh me out for the future. I guess that's what gives me hope. He also told me he's very attracted to me and that he fell harder and faster for me than his wife. So there's always matter what anyone else tells you. When you think the time is right. For whatever the reason was that you two broke up in the first place, just make sure that, that person won't do whatever they did again. I guess it always depends on the situation. I hope things go well for you though. Think it over, and follow your heart!

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Q: How long should you wait to get back with an ex?
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How long should you wait to get your ex back?

you shouldn't, just move and if he comes back and you still like him than take em back

How long should you wait before you start talking to your ex?

ex-wife, ex-girlfriend...big difference. kids involved...

How long should you wait to date someone new?

if you feel like you've forgotten about your ex and have no feelings for your ex whatsoever or when you think of ur ex, you don't want that person back, you don't miss that person, and/or you don't get hurt by ur ex when you think of him, Then you should start looking.

How long should you wait to date after a breakup?

when ever you want to just as long as you don't see your ex

How long should you wait to tell your ex you want them back?

Well if you dated her and really do care about her you would know. Think about it would she want you back, and if you'd done something wrong would she take you back.

How long should you wait to date after a divorce?

according to my step moms counselor you are supposed to wait about a year! but i say you should wait until you know you are ready and you know that you are over the "ex" and ready for a relationship!

Should I wait for my ex boyfriend when he said he needs some time and will call you in the near future?

No, you should not wait for your ex boyfriend whenever he decides to enter back into your life in the future and you should show him how independent you are and start getting back into the dating scene and if he should come around soon after make him fight for your attention and do not make it too easy for him to come back into your life.

If you and your ex are back seeing each other and you are ready to make a commitment but he isn't should you wait?

i think you should leave him he will not ever ready

How long does it take to wait for your ex to come back?

There really is no set amount of time. Sometimes it's best not to have your ex "come back" ever. There's usually a reason that things didn't work out.

Is it ok to date someone hurt from past n how do you know if you should wait to heal I personally dont want to date others n lose my chances n how to not seem desperate to want ex back?

There is more than one question here. Why do you want your ex back? Who dumped who? Maybe you will never get back with your ex. It is okay to move on. It is okay to wait to date. It is not okay to be hard on yourself. You should heal and be with someone who is good to you, treats you nice.

What should you do if you want your ex-girlfriend back?

If you really want your ex girlfriend back, I would just talk her about your true feelings. It really depends on how long you have been apart.

Should you get back together with your ex girlfriend?

I am a girl and i would NEVER get back with my ex.

How can you tell when you and your ex will get back together?

You never know if it's meant to be then it will happen but if not then you probably should wait until you feel sparks again

How long should you wait to be in a relationship with an ex you love after you end a 1 year relationship with another love?

about 1 month but just flirt till then ;-)

Should you get back with an ex?


Should you wait for your ex to come back if he is seeing someone else?

The worst thing to do is wait for an ex to come back. It is better to move forward in your life by getting out with friends; back out into society where you meet different people and you may well surprise yourself by meeting someone far more appealing to you than you ex. If your ex sees you are not waiting around for them and getting on with your life there is a chance they may try coming back into your life to resume the relationship. By getting on with your life you will never lose either way and will end up with the person you truly should be with.

What should you do about your ex girlfriend?

I suggest you be more specific in asking what you should do about your ex girlfriend: do you want her back? does she want you back?, etc...

If Ex is scared How long should you wait to talk to him about how you feel?

If your ex is scared of a commitment or relationship chances are those feelings won't change anytime soon and it would be best for you to let him be and move on.

Should a guys ex girlfriend get with his friend?

if they want them back badly enough . as long as the girl is hot go for it

What should you do if your ex girlfriend repeatedly rejects to even talk to you how can you win her back after she claims to be in love with someone else yet who feels nothing for her?

You should wait patiently on the sidelines and catch her when she falls.

How do you get your ex boyfriend back if he already has a new girlfriend?

You don't.. you wait for him to regret how foolish he was, and come back to you. If not, then it wasn't meant to be.

How do you get your ex girlfriend back in seventh grade?

you have an ex in 7th grade? dude, dont even bother. one word... wait. seriously.

Should you go back out with your ex?

don't rush into the relationship again just wait for a while okay and find out if he likes you this is answered by a 17 year old girl

How long should you wait to see your ex when he broke up with you cause he didnt love you anymore?

Don't go back to him if he broke up with you. It is likely to happen again for the same reasons. He may be lonely which is not enough of a basis for a relationship. Keep moving on.

How do you get your ex back when he has a new girlfriend?

become his friend and wait until their through and sort of flirt with him.