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How long should you wait to take a HPT if your period was supposed to start on July 3rd but you started bleeding on the 30th of June and bled off and on for four days?

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2006-07-05 20:42:28
2006-07-05 20:42:28

If you are bleeding on and off for 4 days, it sounds more like an early period. If you are getting other symptoms of pregnancy you could take a test now.

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You should use the ring on schedule regardless of bleeding. If your period starts while it's in, leave it in until you're scheduled to remove it. You can still use pads or tampons for bleeding as usual.

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It's normal for bleeding to start during the sugar pills. You should take your new pack on schedule regardless of bleeding.

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The pill is kind of a way in making your body thinking its pregnant (progesterone) If you take this pill before your expected period it will throw off your menstrual cycle..You should take the pill regularly and not take it for 7 days. this is when you should get your period. A doctor should tell you to start the pill after your period...( a Sunday is a good day). some times there are 7 different colored pills...which are sugar pills...they have no effects on your body....they just remind you when to start a new pack.

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