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This is relatively easy to answer considering you have someone to help you. I have worked at a Golf course and built many custom sets for various sized people. First start by using an old club. Possibly a 5 or 6 iron. Next, stand straight up, bend your knees just enough so you can see the very tips of your toes. Now bend your at your waist so you have a good golfing stance. Let your arms hang and put the club in your hand. choke up on it until the club is flat on the floor so you would be in a good position to hit a clean shot. They should be sized down to have about a quarter of an inch left on the club. This will work in most cases providing the angle of the head is fitted for you. When I was fitted for my set of Pings I had to send them back to Ping to get them rebent then I had to have them fitted. It's a time consuming process that is well worth it. Having a set of clubs that are fitted to you it better because you don't have to change the "Natural" swing that you have to adapt to a new set of clubs.

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