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Most vets reccommend waiting until the kittens are two or three months old. Be sure that you have been playing with the kitten and petting it and getting it used to people, because if you don't, it will not be a good pet.

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How long till a baby kitten is weaned from its mom?

about 5-6 weeks mabye 3-4weeks (possably)

Is 6 weeks reasonable to take a kitten away from its mother?

Maybe. Though I advise to wait 'till they are 7-8 weeks old.

How long till you can take home a newborn kitten?

The eyes of the kitten must be open, and it must have fully developed legs and teeth. This usually happens between 3 to 4 weeks.

How long till you can give away the baby hamsters?

at least 6-8 weeks or untill a few weeks after they start to grow fur

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How do you get your 6 week old kitten to use the litter box?

You should wait in till your cat is at least 12 weeks old before you start doing that because a kitten is not old enough for that the kitten should still be with its mom in till 12 weeks and the mom cleans it.

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How old do baby hamsters have to be till you give them away?

it depends on the type of hamster you get. you should give baby hamsters away when they are two or three weeks depending n your type of hamster if it is a syran hamster you should give the babys away at two weeks other hamsters you can give it another week

How long should you wait till you let a knew kitten outside?

Answer:Well, wait until it is at least 8 weaks old and keep it on a leash so that it won't get frightened and run away. Once it gets used to being outside, bring it off the leash, then watch it carefully. If it tries running away. Take it and put it back on the leash.Answer:Ideally, a kitten should be kept inside until is has had all its vaccinations. This prevents the possibility of the kitten from picking anything up outside. Training a kitten with a harness and a leash is a very safe and secure way of letting a kitten explore the great outdoors, however, if you wish to let the kitten roam freely it is advisable to wait until the cat is neutered or spayed to prevent unwanted litters, fights and from picking up diseases from other cats through fighting or mating.

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One way is to play with the kitten till its tired out, or just accept that your kitten is inquisitive and wants to spend time with you! Kittens quickly learn that parading over the keyboard when you are in front of it will get your immediate attention.

Can you feed your 5 month old kitten adult cat food?

your (supposed) to wait till one year

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How do you introduce your 1 yr old cat to a 6 week old kitten?

I would wait till it is 6 months.

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When should you give away a kitten after the cat gives birth?

Kittens must be at least 12 weeks old to be separated from their mother. The should not be taken away any earlier. 'The mother's 'milk contains a fatty acid called DHA. This makes up a large portion of the brain. It encourages healthy mental and emotional development as well as healthy vision. Kitten foods don't contain as much DHA as mama's milk.' So it is VERY Important they stay with their mother till 8-12weeks. Also, when giving away a kitten or any pet for that matter; Provide information about That type of animal, to the New owner. (a brochure, a list, a website..) Any stranger can take an animal & not understand it's needs and such. Such as: (Needs, How they behave, what's normal & what is not, what may be poisonous to them..etc.)