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How long to Kenya take on a boat?


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  • 12000 hours darling!
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It take around 11 hours to get to Kenya from London.

You can fly in with various airlines, or take a boat to the coast, or drive from surrounding countries.

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how long will it take a small boat from england to greece

it takes 6 hours to get to kenya from liverpool, get a good flight!

depents from where the boat journey will start

A flight from New York to Kenya will take 14 - 16 hours.

It depends on the speed of the boat

That would depend on where you were starting from and what type of boat it was.

Depends on the type of boat and where you're starting from:

how long does it take to travel by boat from vitnarm to australia

By boat it would take about 2 weeks with a fairy boat.

There is approximately 3,917 miles between Kenya and Paris, France. A flight would take about 8 and a half hours to complete.

Arizona is landlocked, you cannot get there by boat alone

It depends on the speed and velocity of the boat.

Depends on how fast the boat is traveling. On a boat traveling at 30 mph it will take 30 minutes.

Your answer depends on the route you take to your ultimate Antarctic destination and the speed of the boat.

It will take about 3 hours and 15 minutes.

It depends where you start.

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