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There are alternative routes for individuals who would like to teach, yet without graduating in an education program. The programs vary from state to state. You should contact the State Board of Education in the state you plan to teach. However, for more detailed information, click on the related links section (College Board) indicated directly below this answer section. It will give you detailed information and resources.

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Q: How long to get a teaching degree if already have a bachelor's degree in nursing?
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What kind of bachelors degree do you need for teaching?

Bachelors of Science in Education.

Say you have a bachelor's degree in Allied Health and you complete an RN program What should be the next step Work or go to school for Bachelors in Nursing?

It would be preferable to get work experience first. Because you already have an existing bachelor's degree and wish to stay in the nursing field, you could look into becoming a nurse practitioner which would require a master's degree in nursing. Lastly, you already have a bachelor's degree so pursuing another bachelors degree would make no sense in this case.

If I am graduating from nursing school with a bachelors but already have a masters do I wear my master's hood at graduation?

You wear the garb appropriate to the degree you are receiving on that day.

Are there professional organizations with cosmetology?

Teaching they help you in bachelors degree

Bachelors of science in nursing?

A bachelor degree of science in nursing can be obtained at many accredited college. With this type of degree, a person can have a great career.

What degree is nursing fall into?

To work in nursing all you really need is your Associates Degree in Nursing, but workplaces are now seeking people with their bachelors degree instead. It is also possible to get your masters and doctorates.

Can you recommend an online Nursing School?

There are many online nursing courses available through various schools which include courses which enable you to obtain either a bachelors of nursing degree, an online associate nursing degree, an online nursing masters or a LPN nursing degree.

What do you do to get into nursing school?

Must have a Bachelors degree in nursing or related field, R.N. license and school nurse credential.

What is a BSN bachelors in nursing?

Its the Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Its another degree that you can get. about a 4 year program that is offered at many universities.

What is the undergrad degree for nursing?

You can have: a vocational or 1 year degree to become an LPN (licensed practical nurse) a 2 year ADN (associates degree-nursing) to become an RN a 4 year bachelors BSN in nursing.

What degrees did Clara barton earn?

She got a degree in nursing and teaching.

How long does nursing school take?

Nursing School takes the same length as a Bachelors degree. It takes 4 years to complete.