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It takes more than 10 years with a qualified training and work experience. It takes step by step study to become a fully qualified plastic surgeon. Very hard!!


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it takes about 6 years to become fully qualified as a vet because, if you want to be a vet who is qualified as a nurse and surgeon, than you actually only need to take the surgical course, because a nurse is limited to a few treatments but as as surgeon you know what a nurse knows and everything else.

extensive training is requried which also depends on which what area you will specialize in. I think it is 8 - 9 years after medical school before you become a fully fledged doc in that field.

the question should be Who is the best Heart surgeon in Pakistan.The best way is find the properly qualified and foreign trained cardiac surgeon with international achievements. In my opinion ,I know PROF DR MAZHAR UR REHMAN,CARDIOTHORACIC SURGEON who is based in Lahore.He is fully British qualified and trained cardiac and thoracic surgeon who has performed record breaking heart surgeries in Pakistan. from a Patient

i highly doubt it darling, they dont do things like that in the NHS its too expensive for them to handle, go look for a private plastic surgeon but make sure he or she is FULLY qualified, ask to see the qualifications, if not you could get a inexperianced idiot that will cause you alot of pain and suffering for nothing

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You have to become a fully qualified medical doctor first, then specialize in dermatology.

It depends, how good of a surgeon you are. You also shouldn't be going into it for the money, if your really serious about the medical field you should go into it because you have a passion for it. It takes a very long time to become any kind of physician especially a surgeon. It takes 4 years for college, 4 years med school and 3-7 years residency depending on the type of surgeon you wish to become. So for becoming a fully board certified surgeon it takes on average about 12 to 15 years. I would have to say Orthopedic, Vascular, and Plastic surgeons make the most. If your a very busy orthopedic surgeon you can make up to $1,000,000 a year! Vascular surgeons work on the veins and blood passageways. They make about $700,000 dollars a year! Plastic surgeons on average make $400,000 dollars a year although plastic surgeons working in California make about four million a year because of high demand of the celebrities and people who are trying to become celebrities. Anyways I hope I helped answer you question! Good luck if you do follow the path to becoming a surgeon!

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Once you are fully qualified yes.

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In the United Kingdom the lower end of the price scale for a rhinoplasty would be in the region of £ 2500. More extensive work would be more, this price is the typical price for a tip reduction. If this is out of your budget then lower prices could be found abroad , but be sure that you are being trearted by a fully qualified Plastic Surgeon with good experience in Rhinoplasty. Dont fopcus on the price alone

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A boob job would cost several thousand dollars. A cheap place to have it done would be somewhere in Eastern Europe such as Poland but it will be harder to make sure the surgeon knows what he is doing and is fully qualified.

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anyone who as been fully trained to do so.

When getting something as serious as surgery one should always make sure the person performing the surgery is fully and correctly certified to ensure one's own safety.

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Getting a apprenticeship in mechanics would be first I would say taking a tech course, See how that goes otherwise get training off someone who is already fully qualified

Yes, but you will need to be accompanied by a fully qualified driver.

It's like any other specialty; people go to school and study archaeology, and then when they are fully qualified, they apply for jobs in their field, or they apply for funding and create their own jobs.

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