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Sleep aids usually last in your body for less than 24 hours. The sleep aids don't last in the body that long because the companies that make the aids don't want people to risk their lives.


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Forever. Currently, there is no cure for HIV/AIDS.

Sleep aids can stay in a person's system for up to 72 hours. This explains why some sleep aids can cause grogginess even after a person has gotten a full night's sleep.

The AIDS virus does not live outside the body for long unless it is enclosed in something or in something bloody. Thus, if you see blood, it could contain AIDS. If someone with AIDS takes off a shirt, that shirt has been exposed to air. All AIDS viruses have been killed. An AIDS virus lives outside the body until it is exposed to air.

Depending on environmental conditions, from an hour or so up to several days.

AIDS is not curable, so it lasts until the person expires.

A sleep EEG lasts up to three hours

20-25% of the time during the full period of sleep.

You have aids the rest of you rlife sorry but it is true since it is in the blood system you can never get rid of it until death

A tent caterpillar when it get long and fat to last the sleep

you have to sleep outside for 1 night, the full moon illuminating your body

Depending on environmental conditions, HIV can live outside the body for about 24 hours.

THIS has been a nightmare....sweating, no sleep, and the bathroom...

It 'destroys' your immune system. It doesn't kill you, but if you eg. catch a cold you may die from it because you don't have white blood cells to protect your body. However the HIV virus can remain dormant in your body for a very long time and not activate itself into AIDS, and it may not develop into AIDS at all.

Alpacas sleep 10 to 12 hours a day. They often sleep lying down with their feet tucked up under their body.

Someone can sleep too much, but too much sleep can weaken your sleep system.Your body is not awake for long enough to absorb enough sunlight.

Sperm can last outside of the human body for a few hours.

No. Infected semen that gets into your bloodstream can cause AIDS, but not otherwise. Also, the HIV is very weak really and does not survive long outside the body.

It can last as long as your body makes it last... mine are about 6-7 days but i usually have about 3-4 heavier days. It lasts as long as your body is ready for,

The best time amount of time for someone to sleep is 10 hours. Your body needs the sleep, and without it, it won't funcution as it's supposed to.

The more you sleep the more sleep you want is not necessarily true. As long you get eight hours of sleep every day your body will work just fine. Sleeping more or less than eight hours for prolonged period of times is not good for the body.

He can sleep 8 to 10 hours at at time.

First, you will become extremely tired. You will become very lathargic, and after a long enough period without sleep, you will simply crash onto whatever it is you are on, and your body will force you to go to sleep. Basically, in time, if you don't sleep, your body will make you. you will faint

No. HIV needs a host. It does not live long, outside the body.

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