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You can buy as soon as you can afford it.

If you expect to get a loan to do so, you may have trouble finding a loan company to do it.

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Can you voluntarily surrender a vehicle if you are currently residing in another state?


Can I still purchase another vehicle if I voluntarily repo my current car?

It may be alittle tough to find a finance company to finance the vehicle but you should be able to with some cash down.

If planning to file chapter 7 bankruptcy California when is the time to voluntarily give back vehicle?

Ask the attorney that is filing your Chapter 7 case.

Can you surrender your vehicle after filing chapter 13?

Can you surrender your vehicle after filing chapter 13?

When passing another vehicle the driver must be traveling at what speed?

The current speed limit

How do you voluntarily return a vehicle to the dealership?

You must leave it ON the dealers property somehow.

If you can't pay for your vehicle can you voluntarily turn in your vehicle?

Im pretty sure even if you did voluntarily hand it back you'd still have to pay the remaining balance. They won't just tanke back a car and call it good.

Can a company refuse to reimburse employees for business use of their personal vehicle?

Yes, but only if the employee used his own vehicle voluntarily and a company vehicle was available.

Can an owner voluntarily let someone put a lien on a vehicle?

Yes, but why would anyone want to do this?

If you file chapter 7 do you get to keep your car and house?

The majority of Chapter 7 filings are no asset cases, meaning the debtor has no assets that cannot be exempted. The parties involved very rarely forfeit their home (except voluntarily) and are usually allowed to keep at least one vehicle. The deciding factor is if the homestead and vehicle exemptions are high enough to protect the property, and the lender's willingness to reaffirm the loans against the secured property.

Will you lose your vehicle or house by converting from chapter 13 to chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Probably there are much more chance that you will be loosing your house and vehicle by converting from chapter 13 to chapter 7 bankruptcy. There is a $25 conversion fee that has to be paid to the court. Depending upon the status of your chapter 13 case.

If your vehicle was listed in your Chapter 7 bankruptcy almost a year ago and the bankruptcy has been discharged and you are current on your payments can you still turn it in?

Yes you can still turn it in. They told me that because it was involved in the bankruptcy, I could stop paying at any time and either call them to come get it or take it to the nearest dealer. I chose to keep my vehicle at the time but have since traded in for another.

How do you get a co-buyer off of a car loan if they are in default?

You don't. If the cobuyer has possession of the vehicle and is no longer making payments, you as the buyer may take possession and either take up and make current the payments, or voluntarily surrender the vehicle. Failure to do so will result in repossession, and will adversely affect your credit.

Does electric current damage vehicle?

no because any current that is incident on the vehicle is protected by the grounding provided by the tyres.

who is current owner?

what is the year of vehicle and current owner

Is the owner responsible for any paperwork when voluntarily returning a repossessed vehicle to a dealer?

What state are you in??? Laws VARY by state.

Even if you are current with your car payments should you give back my automobile during chapter 13 bankruptcy?

The simple answer is no. If you are current on your car note, then this is not the issue that lead to the bankruptcy. That you are paying it current may have contributed to your financial situation, but on the surface it is not a reason to surrender the vehicle. Either do not list it or reaffirm it with the lender.

Can you keep your vehicle if you file chapter 13 bankruptcy?


After filing chapter 7 you did not reaffirm your car loan what happens now?

2 factors: 1. Are you current on your payments? - if you are not current on your payments the creditor will most certainly repossess your vehicle. however you will not be liable for any deficiency amount. 2. Who is the creditor? - Most creditors will gladly continue to accept payments on the vehicle and not repossess it. however some creditors such as Ford Motor company will repossess regardless of whether or not you are current.

A truck or any vehicle towing another vehicle may not follow within feet of another truck or vehicle towing a vehicle?

300 feet

How do you go about taking over another person's car payments?

I believe you need to go with the current owner of the vehicle to the current bank that the vehicle's current owners is an affiliate of. Best bet is to get with the other party and then try to get ahold of the bank and go from there. .

Who is at fault if I hit a vehicle pulling another vehicle out of the ditch?

If you hit another vehicle then you are at fault. It does not matter what you were doing at the time.

How long after you voluntarily repo a vehicle must you wait before you can be financed to buy another one with a co-signer if your credit is good?

Until you apply for a loan and the lender gives you money. In other words, one day.

If a vehicle was voluntarily surrendered and sold can collection on the difference be stopped with bankruptcy?

With new bankruptcy laws that is no longer possible. If the person files for bankruptcy and includes the vehicle they will have to pay the entire amount of the loan.

Is it possible to keep a vehicle that has post-arrears once a Chapter 13 has been discharged?

If it has been discharged (At the end of the Chapter 13 plan), then you will most likely have to work out some type of payment with the lender. You can also consider filing another Chapter 13. (The car would most likely be the only debt)

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