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Well after I got my car repoed it took me till Oct of the same yr to pay the lender off with a new charge off amount repoed in April 2003 paid in full Oct 2003 on my credit report it shows as a charge off. I paid it off in 6 months I refinanced my home to pay off he difference. In between time I had their Collection agents call me and make pymt options at the time but I told them I would be refinancing my home anytime and pay off the amount I owed.

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Q: How long to you have to pay back what you owe after your car has been sold at repossession?
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Can you get a car back after repossession?

Of course, call your bank and pay them what you owe and they will let you have it back as long as you have not waited so long that they have sold it to someone else.

How Do you find out for free if your repossessed vehicle a month ago has been sold and for how much?

You really don't. Bt you can make an estimate. Take the amount owed on your loan at the time of repossession. Once the car is sold, the lien holder will contact you. See, they're not likely to get the full amount owed by you at the auction, so there'll be a remaining balance. They're going to expect you to pay that back still. They'll tell you what that amount is. So you subtract that amount + repossession and storage fees from the balance you had prior to the repossession, and you'll get a rough idea of what it was sold for at auction.

If a car is sold after repossession does law state that it must be reported to the bureau as zero balance?

If a car is sold after repossession does the law states that it must be reported to the credit bureau as zero balance?

What happens if your repossession house is sold for more than you owe?

If your house is repossessed and is sold for more than you owe, you are supposed to get the extra, less the costs of the sale and perhaps also costs that the back incurred.

How do you get stuff back that has been sold on Webkinz?

I'm very sorry Items that you have sold can not be bought back from the shop on webkinz.

Do you have to payoff a car repossession?

Yes, you owe the difference of the amount of the loan and what the vehicle was sold for plus any costs of the repossession. You are expected to pay that amount.

Can a repossession still be reported to your credit if the company has since sold the car?

Yes, because reguardless of what the company did after they took back the car, the fact still remains that it was repossesed.

What is your obligation if you take the car back to the bank before they come to get it?

When the car gets back to the bank, its sold and the debtor owes the difference between what it sold for and the outstanding balance on the loan. IF it sells for more than is owed, debtor has to pick up the check for the surplus. There are no differences between a voluntary repossession/relinquishment of vehicle by the borrower and the forced repossession/recovery by the lender, except for some of the repossession costs such as towing. FYI, a bank will not allow you to return the vehicle in the sense that you can "drop it off" somewhere.

Is there a statute of limitations on how much time they have to collect after a repossession?

The SOL starts when the Lender gets a JUDGEMENT for the balance due.IF the judgment is sold correctly, it can stretch for a long time.

If you have a voluntary repossession can they take your home?

NO, they can attach a lien to be paid FIRST if/when the home is sold.

How can you sell a car that's been in repossession for two years and the creditor has exhausted all efforts in getting it back?

If the title is not free and clear, then the title cannot be transferred to a new owner and it cannot be sold. If the creditor has written it off and it is no longer in dispute, then it can be sold. You can sell it as scrap metal to a junk yard without a title, I believe.

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If you have a car repossession can it be settled if in several months you go into bankruptcy?

If by settled, you mean get your car back, no, unless the bankruptcy was filed before the car was sold at auction (unlikely to be several months).

How long do you have to remove your belongings from the property after it has been sold?

Your property needs to be removed prior to the sale. Once the property has been sold you have no right to enter.

Can you get your car back after it has been repossessed from the title loan company after I file bankruptcy?

Only if the car has not been sold, at auction usually. Some states require notice of the repossession and intended sale date. Consult a local bankruptcy attorney if you have filed pro se or pro per (without a lawyer), or your state Attorney General's office.

Can you get a car back after it has been repossessed and sold?

The only way to get it back would be if it were up for sale and you bought it. Once it's legally sold, it becomes the property of the new buyer.

Who pays the rest of the finance if your car has been repossesssed?

I most cases the debtor (you) will be held liable for the deficiency after the car is sold at auction, as well as for any repossession fees. This may vary in your state.

What do you do when a car that the finance company sold has been reported as a repossession and you were the person co-signing on it especially when it was stolen and found to have been salvaged?

sue the seller in small claims court to recover your losses. be able to prove you didn't know it was stolen

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What are your rights in Washington State after your vehicle has been repossessed?

Pay for the car and get it back, or pay the deficiency after it has been sold.

Can you get a car back after it has been reposessed?

Yes until it has been sold by the lender, contact the lender and pay the bill

What can be done to you if you have a car repossession?

Pay the bill and fees to get your car back. If you can't afford it, your bank will auction the car and you will pay the difference between what they sold it for and your loan. Your credit is also ruined, it will get better in 7 years.

In Georgia can a repossession vehicle be sold at any price regardless of book value?

Yes. Whatever it gets at auction.

How long can you stay in house that has been included in bankruptcy?

Until its sold and you are evicted.

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