How long was Canine Handler's training during the Vietnam War?

Over 4,000 US War Dog's were used in the Vietnam War. The US Army used approximately 65%, the US Air Force 26%, the US Marines 7%, and the US Navy used 2% of the military working dogs. Training for handlers with their dog's was normally three months in either Ft. Gordon, GA (Military Policeman MOS), or the British Jungle Warfare school in Malaysia. In country training consisted of the bulk of wardog training (OJT). Approximately 10,000 men served as US war dog handlers in the Vietnam War, and approximately 73 US war dog handlers and 43 war dogs were killed there. Military working dog record's were not maintained until after 1968. None of the Vietnam War US war dogs returned to civilian life; most were euthanized or turned over to the ARVN military. Historians estimate that approximately 10,000 human lives were saved by the Vietnam War DOGS, during their tours of duty in Southeast Asia.