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How long was Scotland at war with England?

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On and off for approx 900 years from the 9th to the 18th century. Some would argue we are still are war with them by other means.

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Q: How long was Scotland at war with England?
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Who won the England against Scotland war?


Why Scotland and England went to war in 1296?

Because Scotland refused to be ruled by England.

How long is the train journey from Scotland to England?

Scotland borders England so it depends which part of Scotland and which part of England.

Who won the war Scotland or England?

If you are meaning the war in 1296, Scotland won. Many debate about how Scotland won the war, mainly due to good tactics and luck.There was many wars between Scotland and England, some were won by Scotland and most were won by England. The final war was won by England which called a conference between the 3 kingdoms: Ireland, Scotland and England. In this meeting both Ireland and Scotland declared England as the dominant country of the United Kingdom leaving the Queen in charge of the United Kingdom. Scotland was thrown into huge debt and rebelion which led to this conference taking place.

How long of a drive is it from Scotland to England?

No time at all - England and Scotland share a land border.

Why were England and Scotland at war with each other?

Because England wanted to occupy and rule Scotland, by force if need be. Scotland didn't want that. So the two countries went to war.

What year was the war between Scotland and England?

yes there was

Where did vikings war?

France, Ireland, Scotland, England.

What other countries was Scotland at war with?

Only England

How long does it take to get from York England to Ediburgh Scotland?

How Long ???

How did England and Scotland become the United Kingdom?

Great Britain wasn't always just England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Scotland never wanted to become Great Britain. Scotland had war with England and Wales. England won, so Scotland would have to stay Great Britain.

London to Glastonbury Scotland how long will it take if you are driving?

Glastonbury is in Somerset, England. It is not in Scotland.

When did the british and Scotland war start?

Britain and Scotland have never been at war, Scotland is part of the United Kingdom of Britain along with Northern Ireland, Wales and England

What was the name of the war between England and Scotland?

The Wars of Independence.

How long is the river Avon in Scotland?

The river Avon isn't in Scotland ! It's in the south of England !

Would US back England if England went to war against Scotland?

England would never go to war with Scotland in the first place. We both share the same army (British Army) and we are both too sensible to allow this too happen.

Is Scotland to the west of England?

no,wales is to the west of england and scotland is to the north of england.

How long driving from Manchester England to Edinburgh Scotland?

About four hours.

How long will it take if you walk from were you live in England to Scotland?

That depends on where you live.

How long does it take from London England to get to Edinburgh Scotland by plane?

About an hour.

What is correct Scotland is west of England?

Scotland is north of England.

How did England conquered Scotland?

Scotland and England created a union called Great Britain in 1707. England did not conquer Scotland.

Is the UK powerful then England during Medieval Times?

During medieval times, the United Kingdom did not exist. England and Scotland were separate kingdoms, often at war with one another. England was usually more powerful than Scotland, but Scotland was sometimes allied with France.

Why did Robert the Bruce go to war with England?

It's the other way round. England went to war with Scotland. Robert the Bruce was trying to preserve Scotland's independence so he went to war against England.

Which football team has won the most trophies in Scotland and England?

Scotland : rangers England : Liverpool Scotland : rangers England : Liverpool