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Patrick returned to Ireland in/about the year 433 and continued to work until he died in about the year 461, Some say he died in 493, however, that would have made him 106 years old.

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Q: How long was St. Patrick's mission in Ireland?
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Where did st Patricks day start?

st. patricks day was originally started in Ireland putos suck my pito puto

What is Ireland best known for?

Ireland is best known for its rolling, green hills and for the home of St. Patricks Day. (Even though the person that St. Patricks Day was named after, wasn't Irish or from Ireland.)

What was st. patricks birth place?

dublin, Ireland

What is the country where st Patricks day origionated?

St. Patrick's day originated from Ireland

When and where was the first celebration of st patricks day?

It was first celebrated in Ireland.

Is st patricks day a bank holiday?

Here in Ireland, yes.

Is a shenanigan a small hat worn in Ireland on st Patricks day?

it is traditional

What is a famous festival in Ireland?

st patricks day and Smithwick's Cat Laughs Festival :)

Why a shamrock is a symbol of st patricks day?

Because lots of shamrocks grow in Ireland

When did St Patricks Day start in Ireland?

first on the 16th but they wanted it to be on the 17, which is cool

Is St Patricks' Day a National holiday in Ireland?

Yes. It is Ireland's national holiday.

How is st Patricks day celebrated in ireland?

A few years ago they dyed a river green for St. Patricks day.

How did st patricks day get its name?

It's named for a saint named Patrick, who brought Christianity to Ireland.

What are nouns about St Patricks day?

shamrocks; gold; Ireland; rainbows; leprechaun; treasure; countryside; cauldron

What do the colors on the Northern Ireland flag represent?

The Union Flag is the flag of Scotland (The Saltire) on top of the flag of England (St Georges Cross) and flag of Ireland (St Patricks Cross)

When was St Patricks GAA created?

St Patricks GAA was created in 1950.

What is the meaning of the flag of Great Britain?

The Union Flag is an amalgamation of the cross of St George (England), St Andrews cross (Scotland). and St Patricks cross (Ireland).

What does the date of St Patricks day stand for?

it stands for the date of St Patricks day.

Why do celebrate saint Patricks day?

St. Patrick is the primary patron saint of Ireland. St. Patrick's Day is a long established holiday in Ireland with religious origins. It's celebrated in the U.S. as a tribute to the Irish and Irish culture (and maybe because it features a little imbibing).

How was the union jack composed?

The Union Flag is composed of the flags of England (St Georges Cross), Scotland (St Andrews Cross) and Northern Ireland (St Patricks Cross).

When was Lisbellaw St Patricks GAA created?

Lisbellaw St Patricks GAA was created in 1968.

What are the national days of the four countries of the UK?

* England - St. Georges day * Wales - St. Davids day * Scotland - St. Andrews day * Northen Ireland - St. Patricks day

What was the Traditions St patricks day?

patricks day Is the word

What is the color associated with St. Patricks Day?

The colour associated with St. Patricks day is: Green